Vacation in Australia? Where Would You Go?

Image Source: Pixabay

It is not a question of whether Australia is a place you should consider to go on vacation. It is a question which place in Australia you should go to on vacation. The island continent promises to be in a class of its own when it comes to giving a unique experience on vacation that is both memorable and enjoyable.

Australia is a country with a multitude of tourist attractions. It offers experiences that can be found nowhere else on earth. For instance, the experience of observing indigenous wildlife. Australia is the home of such iconic animals as the koala and kangaroo. It is the only landmass that feature marsupial mammals in its ecosystems. And if you hop over a little south to the tiny island of Tazmania you can also meet the infamous Tasmanian devil.


Not all attractions are quite as earthy though. Sydney is Australia’s largest city and features attractions like the Sydney Opera House, Sydney tower, Darling harbour etc. Sydney also has a highly active nightlife, one of the best anywhere in Australia.

The Gold Coast

If you love surfing and getting a sun tan, you cannot possibly take a vacation in Australia without checking out this place. The Gold coast has some of the prettiest beaches anywhere I the world and ideal conditions for surfing. It has got a proper night life running as well. And it is surrounded by national parks.


Tasmania is Australia’s cute little neighbouring island just a few miles south of the mainland. Its general impression is somewhat reminiscent of New Zealand. There are numerous sites of historical significance here. Once upon a time, Tasmania was home to the largest prison around convicts who were English. While it has beautiful cities and infrastructure that people can appreciate, the real attractive quality about it is in nature. There are mountains, beaches, harbours and lagoons, all of which carry exquisite beauty. Of course who could forget that this is also the home of the Tasmanian devil?

Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

If the nightlife in most cities is not for you and you are in fact a creature of the morning, Mornington peninsula accommodation should be just right for you. The Mornington Peninsula is merely an hours’ drive from Melbourne. It has an artistic landscape featuring villages by the sea, assorted cafes, galleries and spas. There are farms, gardens, mazes, estates and even hot springs. Apart from that, there is exceptionally good food here to try out and exquisite wines to taste as well.

Australia is one of the best places on earth for you to plan a vacation. It has a wide range of qualities that make it appealing to plenty of tourists. In fact tourism is one of the most industries in Australia. It has an exotic array of wildlife, spectacular scenery, fun beaches, great urban cities and beautiful landscapes. There is really nothing much about the island continent that is not to love. It also has the highest concentration of venomous animals anywhere in the world… but do not let that stop you.