How to Check if The Diamond is Genuine?

Diamonds are gems of choice for any type of jewelry, but it is important to know their authenticity before buying diamond. Fortunately, there are some easy tests to be performed to see if it is real or not.

Evaluate the origin before judging diamonds. The first thing to do is check in books or on the internet what a diamond is really. The origin of the stone will tell you more about the authenticity of the diamond. Reputable jewelers fight any falsification and may also check for you if your diamond is real or not. Some jewelry shops can sell beautiful stones but often they are not real diamonds.

image source: wikihow.com

image source: wikihow.com

Take the condensation test of a diamond. The simplest test is to blow on the diamond to check condensation. A real diamond disperses steam instantly and there will be no condensation on the stone at the time of review. A fake diamond will have condensation for a few seconds and you can also check how quickly it disappears.

Do the glass test before they buy diamonds. A fake diamond will scratch the glass although this test could damage the stone and the surface of the tested glass. A genuine diamond on glass slides without forcing it.

diamond news paper test image source eglreports.org

image source: eglreports.org

Diamonds are incredibly bright due to its refractive index. Whereas due to lower refractive index other stones, glass and quartz are sparkles less. By taking a close look at the stones refractivity one can determine whether the stone is real diamond or not. Put the stone in a newspaper, flat side down and under a light source. Look at the diamond and see if you can read the sentences around it. If the diamond is real, it will be impossible to read text clearly. The fake stones reflect light differently and allow you to read the words with ease.

Moissanite has more luminosity than diamond. Often jewelers are hesitating to decide to say that it is a diamond or not. Diamonds reflection of light is not rainbow color. It is different shades of gray in color.

If you drop the suspect stone in a glass full of water the diamond will sink due to its high density but the fake one not.

If you heat up a diamond continuously say for 30 sec, and then drop it into the water it will not shatter from inside, whether the fake one does.

diamon x ray test

image source: wikihow.com

A diamond will simply disappear in x-ray images due to its radiolucent molecular structure.

Diamond will exhibit blue light under UV ray exposure.

Look at the diamond through a magnifying glass or a powerful microscope. The real stones have visible defects and small brown patches in their interior unless they are of the highest quality. In this case, it will be a pure diamond. The fake stones have no kinks and are extremely hard to add those little imperfections in manufactured stone.

Do more testing before buying a diamond. If you’re not sure of the authenticity of your stone after performing these tests you can request a certificate of appraisal from GIA.