Skin Care Tips after the Summer

More skin exposed to the outside, more external elements that contact with our skin, the more chances of dehydration, more perspiration, air conditioning …. There are many situations that can affect us and accuse the consequences, sunburn, dryness, lack of protection, sun spots … usually, after the summer, it is very common that we notice that our skin has become dull. It’s time to take care with exfoliation!

Exfoliate the skin to recover

Mainly, excess sun, pool chlorine or sea salt, usually drying. It’s time to exfoliate to remove dead cells that accumulate in the skin and accelerate skin regeneration. Our skin reborn and will face the fall with extra protection.
Naturally skin regenerates every 28 to 30 days. By exfoliating the skin soften and, most importantly, promote the regeneration of new cells, which strengthens the skin and provides elasticity. In addition, exfoliation helps certain brands and mild scar lesions completely disappear.

Exfoliation is an act which, according to the “energy” scrub, may require more or less frequently. If never before been exfoliated skin or much that has not been done, you can start performing this ritual once a week for the first month. Then you have to reduce the frequency of peels to a fortnight because otherwise your skin can become irritated. After perform them, you should always apply a moisturizing lotion and so healthy and beautiful skin is ensured. If the skin is very sensitive or very dry, you have to exfoliate less often: once every three weeks would be enough.

image002The secrets of a good exfoliation

Exfoliation is a simple ritual of beauty, but to be effective you must perform the following steps:
-First A shower with hot water to soften skin
-Then Apply the specific product on a sponge

And to finish, rub gently pressing on the skin with your hands while circular motions.
However, these efforts are useless if only done for a few weeks. Consistency is critical if you want to maintain smooth, soft and shiny skin.

There are certain times when we take advantage of the properties other than peel. Before sunbathing, for example, is very suitable exfoliate the skin because the smoother the skin is smoother the tan. It is also advisable to exfoliate the skin before applying a self tanner since this product acts only on the superficial layer of the skin and consequently the more dead cells have this layer will be more irregular color. However, if prior to exfoliate the skin will be smooth, sharp and self tanning be uniform.
But it is after summer when we notice our most wrinkled skin; is required when this act more carefully. Dead cells, calluses, flaking, some spots or uneven tan …. It is ideal to “sweep” our skin of impurities time.
It is advisable to consult the pharmacist to choose the most suitable product for a program of exfoliation, facial whether it is as body.