Learn When It Is Right to Use Diamond Drilling Services

If you want to drill concrete, metal or any other material ensuring high precision and cleanliness, diamond drilling is the answer. Due to its effectiveness and many benefits, diamond drilling technique has become quite popular in the construction segment for various applications.


Diamond drilling equipment is a highly versatile machine. And it’s operator-friendly too. However, one can’t use diamond drilling machine for all cutting and drilling jobs. It may not be a right fit for some projects. This is why it is important to learn when it is right to use diamond drilling services and when it’s not. After all, you want to ensure best quality deliverable and workmanship for every project you undertake.

Briskly Cut Through Hard Materials

You probably know that diamonds are one of the toughest materials we have on the earth. Diamond drilling machine, as the name suggests, features diamond-infused cutting edge. And thus diamond drill bits are a perfect tool to cut through hard materials including concrete, granite, tiles, ceramic and porcelain.

When a conventional drill bit will fail to make a hole, diamond drill bits can cut through hardest of surface like a piece of pie provided you have the knowledge and skills to choose right diamond blade and its size.

You need to adjust the cutting speed and pressure of the diamond drilling equipment depending on the strength quotient of the material to be cut. Timely and correct use of lubrication as well as cooling treatments is crucial to ensure desired outcomes in your diamond drilling project.

Choosing incorrect drilling method can cause damage to the drill bits and to the material you need to drill through. And this is why it is important to choose a reliable and experienced diamond drilling company in your city. Professional diamond drilling companies like CA drillers have a great wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to accomplish any diamond drilling project assuring desired outcomes in the most effective and safest manner.

Don’t use diamond drilling technique for cutting through soft surfaces. When you use diamond drill bits for drilling soft material, the surface of the material can choke up the diamond blade, make the cutting speed go slower and can deliver poor quality outcomes, i.e. irregular and unfinished cutting.

Make Accurate And Clean Holes

As said above, the diamond drilling technique is a perfect fit for cutting any hard material where precision and quality finish are of utmost importance. It is the best method for making holes in the circular shape. You will find diamond drill bits available in a wide range of sizes, from 0.75 mm to up to 1000mm, which lets you create holes of any diameter required for the project.

The drilling method enables the contractor to make openings of any diameter and depth. Thus, diamond drill bits are equally popular for large-scale and small-scale concrete cutting projects.

Don’t Use With Tempered Glass

While diamond drilling is a preferred drilling technique for a wide range of construction materials, it is worth noting here that it is unsafe to use diamond drill bits on to tempered glass. In the manufacturing of tempered glass, an extremely high amount of pressure is put into the surface area of the material. And thus when you try to drill the glass with a diamond blade, the glass is most likely to break apart. Yet, a proficient and experienced diamond drilling professional can use high-quality diamond drill bits to drill through tempered glass with high accuracy and safety.

If you need drilling or cutting services, look for a diamond drilling Company.