Product quality

Importance to maintain the quality of the product

When we purchase a good what are the things do we expect? Obviously the answer is high quality and less price. But it is hard to find a high quality good in a less price and they say if the quality is high then the price also. Because of these issues people stopped to search about quality and most of them does not have capacity to purchase the goods by checking their quality. There are uneducated people who doesn’t have enough knowledge to handle this situation. Therefore one perfect solution for these issues are strict law and regulations with regard to quality of the product and social awareness about it.

Why it is important to maintain the quality?

The main reason why we need to maintain the quality is because it will be harmful for human and it can create a dangerous consequences also. Especially when it comes to food items we have to be care full and if we act carelessly then it will be threat for human life. All the products have the minimum standard of requirement, all the good producers have the responsibility to follow that requirement but what they do is to earn more profit using the cheap items in manufacturing and sell it in higher price so they can earn a huge amount of profit.

Product quality


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How can we maintain the quality?

Always when we are shopping we have to be so conscious and as a good customer what we have to do is, we have to check everything about those goods such as, manufactured date, expiry date, ingredients, nutrition facts, and trademarks etc. The good quality products have to include this all in their packaging and labeling, if it is not included then it will be better not purchasing that kind of goods.

The law has separate sections to protect the consumers’ right and it helps to take good actions against to producers who don’t follow that law. And the role of the government to protect their citizens is also important to mention here, by quality standard certifications such as ISO and FDA. These standard certificates authorize the product is safe to use and consume. If there is any fault in the products which authorized by the certificates then their certifications will be canceled and it will be a big black mark to that company name. Also after authoring this certificate, the government will check the quality of that product frequently by a mystery shopper, the person who employed to visit a shop as a random customer to research the quality of a good/service. By doing this we can find the real quality of the product and most of the companies to maintain their quality certification they follow the standard quality without any defaults.

If there is any fault in that product and we make a complaint then the sellers easily point the producer of the good and the company and try to protect their heads. Also, they blame each other’s and it will never end.  Therefore the important thing is we need everyone’s contribution to change this situation the default can be made by the producing company but still the sellers and also the buyers both must have their responsibilities when they purchase goods.