Life of a Kindergarten teacher

Teaching is one of the healthiest things to do if you can do it right because you will be widening the knowledge of someone by giving out something they never had. It is more like lighting a candle by a lighted candle. Kindergarten teaching is totally opposite to ordinary teaching. It has a lot to with pouring out love and kindness. Children in the kindergarten level are at their very basic and have no idea of what they have to do or say, therefore the teacher has to have patience with them and should teach them good from bad and right from wrong.

It is quite hard for a teacher to keep all the names in mind therefore a tag system has to be introduced by tagging each of their names on their outfits making the teacher to keep them in mind. A teacher must keep the kindergarten clean and colorful. Children love drawings and handwork; they should be hung up in the classroom with their names on. Teachers must supply whiteboard paint letting them to paint their imaginations out. It is easier for the teacher because it does not require mixing but brings out a perfect and simple method of application. It is easier to wipe away and no one has to bother about the mess these toddlers can make.


Image source: Pixabay

It is the duty of the teacher to keep the child busy with a story, toys and other small activities. It is the starting point of a child and they should always learn something every moment. The kindergarten teacher must know what the children are eating during lunch time, how they are eating, whether the food are healthier and if the children are clean prior to lunch. They should teach them how to use the washroom, how to eat by fork and spoon and other table manners.

The other key point is a teacher should make the kids feel wanted in the classroom. For this a lot of love and attention has to be given for each one of them. They should be taught how to behave and manners, rules and regulations in the classroom, how to share and care, how to respect elders and so on. The more closer a teacher gets to the child she/he will be able to tell exactly what a student feel in the back of her/his mind.

After all the teacher must know how these children will go back home. She/he should know who their parents are and should never send them with a stranger or with an unfamiliar face, unless an authorization letter is sent from their parents. Also, whenever a kid falls sick it is the teacher’s duty to contact and make the parents aware of the child’s situation. The teacher should not give any medicine without the consent of the parents.It can be noticed that a life of a kindergarten teacher revolves around kids and that they hold a major responsibility of the children.