Appointments to Your Bathroom to make it More Comfortable

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom but rarely are they comfortable to be in. In most cases, we zip in and out. But what if bathrooms were as comfortable as, say, a bedroom, to reflect the time we spend in it? Here are some of the ways in which bathrooms can be made extremely comfortable to be in.

bathroom heat lamp

Image source: Pixabay

Heat the Bathroom

Unless you are living in a desert or the tropics, the bathroom is usually a cold place. In the winter, the bathroom tiles can become freezing cold and droughts make their way in somehow. To prevent this, install heated flooring in your bathroom that can be turned off during the summer months. You can also put in a bathroom heat lamp that will dry you off while keeping you warm as well. Insulate the windows or skylights so that the heat will be retained during the winter months, while during the summer, the heat won’t seep in too much.

Heated Toilet Seats

The Japanese are genius at making their toilets comfy enough to spend the whole day in it. They have special toilet seats that are heated through electricity. These are very popular in Japan as the winter hits them especially hard, and old-fashioned houses have poor insulation against the freezing cold. Those who cannot afford to have heated toilets compensate by putting on terry cloth toilet seat covers so that the ceramic and plastic doesn’t get too cold. That is not to mention the magazines and newspapers so often found in Japanese toilets in understanding of those who take their time.

Covered Floors

This might not be practical unless you have a shower curtain or shower cubicle; a floor covered by a rug will not only prevent slips, but it will also keep your feet warm once you have taken a shower. Make sure that the rug has a rubber bottom so that it won’t slip on the tile, and avoid splashing water on it. Install a shower cubicle in one corner of the bathroom and lay a terry cloth rug on the other side that will be big enough to cover the floor completely. Your feet won’t know what it’s missing unless you try this.

Large Vanity and Sink

Instead of having large, separate mirrors you can fix mirrors to the tops of the cabinets over the sink, so that it’s one seamless mirror. Then, make the bathroom sink as wide as your arm span because the bigger it is, the easier it will be to wash in it. Have a large vanity counter as well so that women can lay out all their beauty products and indulge in a good makeup session. Again, the bigger, the better. The bathroom doesn’t require much leg room in between all the fittings so it doesn’t matter if the shower cubicle is touching the sink in a corner as long as both have functionality. Make use of the space you have.