Adding Personality to Your Bathroom design

Bathrooms typically tend to be one of the most boring rooms in the house. For an unknown reason a home owner can be daring and bold with regards to their bedroom decor, modern and innovative when it comes to the kitchen but get to the bathroom design and the most adventurous they are willing to go to is a pale blue feature wall with a white suite. The bathroom is an important room in the house in which every member of the household spends time on a daily basis. There is no longer any need to stick to the mould when it comes to your bathroom design and everyone should feel free to give their bathroom some character and personality.


Why Adding Personality is Important

In order to make a house a home, you need to give it some personality and originality. If your bathroom looks exactly the same as everyone else’ you may as well live in a hotel. Don’t be scared to break out of the mould and do something different and more exciting with your Bathroom design. There are a huge variety of design options out there and if you look hard enough you will find something a great deal more reflective of yourself than a dull white bathroom suite and matching walls. If you’re stuck for ideas there are bathroom showrooms which have been designed creatively and with an original twist on the traditional design.


Where to Find Inspiration

When it comes to design, regardless of which room in the house we are creating, inspiration can be found just about anywhere. Inspiration can take just about any form and may derive from your favourite colour, interests or features you have seen and liked in other properties. All of these things can be reflected in design through colour, shape, texture or themes. When it comes to bathroom design some people create themes around their water based interests such as the beach or boating. This is one idea but there is no rule saying you have to stick to water based hobbies. Another great place to look for inspiration is in nature and the bathroom is the ideal place to make use of natural resources and materials. For instance rather than plain light coloured tiling consider creating a splash-proof surface in the shower area or around the sink out of a natural stone. This will not only create an interesting colour difference but also some texture. Bathroom showrooms should have examples of such uses of alternative materials and incorporating texture. Wooden furniture is also worth considering and remember that wood can come in a variety of colours with different finishes. This means that it is a good option that can easily be incorporated into various different themes as well as provide a striking feature point if the room requires it.