A New Pet Owner’s Guide to Selecting Pet Supplies

Congratulations, you have a new pet! Now, what? Well, the most common question new pet owners have usually had something to do with pet supplies, and it usually revolves around wanting to know which ones are absolutely necessary. There are endless supplies you can purchase for your pet, regardless of what kind you own, from the absolutely essential to the frivolous and fun. Below, you’ll find a guide to purchasing your first pet supplies. This should guide you to only the most essential supplies; you can always get later.

pet food

You Gotta Eat!

And so does your pet. Food should be the first thing on your list, and top quality pet food, at that. This is not the place to skimp. Avoid foods with meat meal, animal by-products, food dyes, and preservatives, and make sure that, at least for most mammals, a healthy meat like  chicken, or fish is the first ingredient.

Sleep Tight

Every creature under the sun goes to sleep at some point, so having a comfortable place for your pet to sleep is essential. For some pets, it might be a rock, like the kind fish sleep in. However, for most pets, it’s substantially fluffier and more comfortable. When shopping for essential pet supplies such as this, ensure you are picking the right type of bed for your pet’s size and weight, and that your pet has enough room to at least turn around or sprawl out a bit. You don’t sleep in one spot all night, and your pet probably doesn’t, either, so give him some room.


This is more important for animals like fish and birds, which live in cages; however, all animals need a comfortable environment, as well as a safe one. For dogs and cats, you may think that you don’t have to worry about this step, but you really do. Check your house and make sure you don’t have toxic things on pet-level, or dangerous items the pet could chew up and ingest. As far as animals that require their own environment, ensure you do your research ahead of time and find out exactly what your pet needs to survive and be comfortable.