Pet Furniture

Tips for Pet owners for choosing Furniture

Choosing furniture is a difficult task without the added pressure of choosing pet-friendly furniture. To make the process easier here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting furniture if you have furry family members to think about too.
There will be no need to cover furniture or wrap it in protective sheets if you keep these suggestions in mind.

Pet Furniture

1. The Right Fabric

Choosing the right fabric should be the most critical concern of a pet owner. Even if a pet is trained not to climb up on furniture, it is not guaranteed that they will not or will not allow them at some point. If a pet has dark coloured fur, the first choice should be dark coloured fabric, and if a pet has light coloured fur, the first choice should be light coloured fabric. Warm tones like beige, brown or caramel are better options of camouflaging hair. Patterned fabrics are also a better option if you don’t want to clean your furniture continually. Multicolour fabrics can also be an option. Tearable fabrics such as line, silk etc. should be avoided. Avoid tearable fabrics such as silk, linen etc. The leather is advised as it is a good investment for the long run and easy to clean.

2. Machine-washable Accessories

It is suggested that pet owners choose machine-washable materials for their bedding, rugs, and cushions. Adding rugs to spaces that pets like to relax in can help a lot in the cleanup. Mats will take in the majority of shedding which can be easily removed if machine-washable rugs are chosen.

3. Stable and high furniture

Cat owners are mostly advised to buy durable tables and stools that won’t knock over if their cats jump around. Even dog owners should opt for stable and high tables that won’t turn over if a pet jumps up or uses force against it. Dogs also avoid high furniture, so that is also a good choice.

4. Create pet-friendly spaces

Creating a specific area for your pet is a kind gesture. Allocate a small space of your living room to your pet. A bed and few toys can be placed here including scratching posts that can save your other furniture from being scratched. If you have stools set in your home, you can also get an extra one just for your pet to rest on when the family is sitting around.

5. Pet proofing

Despite the best training, a pet may become the cause of broken vases and other decoration. It is best to avoid placing breakable objects in easily accessible places. Another precaution to be observed is buying furniture with rounded edges and not fine ones to prevent accidental injuries of playful pets. Pet owners.It is also sensible to buy inexpensive furniture from online markets such as Furniture in Fashion that offer a wide variety of fabrics and styles to choose from. Having pets around does not mean compromising on your house décor, just more cautiousness to buy suitable furniture.