Garden Design

Creative Ideas for Creating a Stylish Contemporary Garden Design

Gardens are more than flowers and trees. They are essential parts of our homes and for many that special place where we find serenity and peace. And so as the world evolved, so did the gardens unfaltering in their purpose to improve people’s lives.

Today, contemporary garden design means sustainable concepts and minimalistic approach so the owners can enjoy maximum benefits for little effort. This not only respects the eco-friendly principles but also allows homeowners to have wonderful outdoor space even if they don’t have a lot of time for traditional gardening. To redefine the way you use and perceive your outdoor space, here are some creative ideas that will give you a stylish contemporary garden.

Garden Design
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1.Treat it as an extension of your home

If your house directly exits to the garden, then make sure it is all in perfect harmony. This means that once you open French doors, your contemporary garden design will flawlessly continue to the interior. While it may be problematic to use the same materials outside, you can always harmonize there two with similar shades, shapes, and patterns.

The great thing about gardens is that you will easily find recycled wood tiles to create a pathway that can be the same color as the floors inside your home. So, basically, this trend is not about copying of your interior design outside, but creating a smooth transition to the outdoor space.    

2. It’s all about geometric structures

Contemporary garden design is based on minimalist principles which respect simple and clear shapes. So, when you consider the appearance of your garden, think about geometric structures like diamond, rectangle, and cube. But don’t forget that a circle is also a geometric shape that can help you make your design interesting without creating clutter and disturbing the minimalist order.

3. Use potted plants as a decorative touch

Potted plants have multiple purposes in the contemporary garden design, and one of them is purely decorative. Type of containers you use can be an ideal way to embellish the space and help you create a more resonating environment. Tall containers will be ideal for palms while low rectangular ones will perfectly home succulents and big-leafy plants.

However, it’s very important to pay attention to materials since those can drastically improve the feel of the garden. Smooth stone containers are perfect for strict minimalist landscape, while pebbles, break or wood will give more warmth to the design. However, avoid colorful and ornamental pots since the contemporary design is all about the plant and its container blending in and together not overly standout. 

4. Make your garden alive during the night

Garden should pop out during the night just as it does during the day. The basic idea is to use lights to create an alluring atmosphere without impairing its integrity. There is a wide range of solar lights you can use in your garden that will create an intimate and relaxing ambiance, like firefly jar or northern spheres.

Also, use lights to highlight certain areas of your garden like a focal point, seating area and other important spaces that will represent your design at night. Depending on the overall style you can use lanterns, tall lamps or landscape lights to open up space and make it useful even when the sun goes down.

5. Decide on the focal point

While you may want to make a dynamic statement all around your garden, it’s better to choose one point that will say it all. This will be the focal point of your contemporary garden design that will draw attention to itself and yet be unobtrusive with its presence. And the best thing is that it can be anything from artistic sculpture, fountain, waterfall to even a planter. Consider what it is rather than about its purpose and you will find a perfect focal point that will enrich your garden and define the design.

6. Grow alluring plants

When it comes to plants in your contemporary garden, there are two things to consider. First is that you need to incorporate the natural landscape into your space. And the second includes using the solutions that will give you an organized area with low-maintenance features.

Creating a garden should always start with by visiting gardening supply stores like Hoselink for the basics like protective wear, hose reels, and tools. Then decide on alluring plants that will define your space, like black bamboo which grows the whole year or perennials for splashes of color. Japanese maple is perfect if you want to have a tree since it thrives both in pot and ground, and also gives amazing shades over the seasons.

7. Respect the low maintenance features

Contemporary gardens are all about low maintenance. The landscaping here is adjusted for the modern world where people don’t have a lot of time but still, appreciate their nurturing nature.  And therefore, low-maintenance features became the most important parts of the contemporary gardens.

This means that your garden will consist of self-sustaining elements that will help you be respectful towards the environment and still get lavish results. One of the crucial aspects of that is having an automatic irrigation system in place which will keep your greenery alive and economize the water at the same time. While contemporary gardens don’t shy away from flowers, they tend to promote grasses and evergreen plants since those look gorgeous, and yet are low maintenance.  

8. Create levels in natural landscape

Levels will make any garden space more interesting and enticing. With every level dedicated to a certain feature, you will not only responsibly organize the space but also change the way it interacts with its surroundings. Namely, by elevating the seating area on a plateau, you will open up the view to the nearby sights and thus make the experience more interesting.

In the end

Having a garden is not hard and it’s even easier with contemporary design. It allows you to fully use your outdoor space and organize it into a relaxing, eco-friendly environment with all the features you love about gardens. So, don’t deny yourself a magnificent green space and try some of these creative ideas to experience truly wonderful features of contemporary garden design.