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Common Mistakes That a Website Designer Should Avoid

Designing websites is not as easy as it may look to many people. It is often not the bigger mistakes that turn off customers, but small little things that are often neglected by web designers. So, before you start off your work as a website designer for any company, learn about some common mistakes that can cost businesses big time:

Website Designer
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Too Specific Search Options

Having a search option on your website is very important if you want to provide your customers with a pleasant experience. However, making this search option too literal is one the biggest mistakes you can make. Accounting for things like hyphens, typos and plurals in the search option can be a bad idea indeed as it can make customers think you don’t have what they need.

Plain Text

Another mistake that a website designer can make is to add a large, plain, never-ending wall of text that no one would bother to read through. In order to make the content on your website engaging and attention grabbing, sort out the text into different areas using sub-headings, highlighted text, bullet points, and other such tools.

Opening Multiple Windows

Another thing that can often confuse and irritate customers is links that lead to other browser windows popping up. In some cases, people don’t realise that a new browser has been opened and they keep waiting for their information. In other cases, multiple browsers can irritate customers, requiring them to switch between them time and again. As a website designer, you should always design the link so that it opens the new content in place of the existing one.

While these mistakes don’t look too substantial when mentioned here, they are often a big reason why many websites end up losing their customers over some time. If your customers cannot find what they are looking for conveniently, they are likely switch to competitors.

Selecting the wrong CMS  

To pick the right CMS for a website is very important. In this field, WordPress is the most popular for blog sites. But when it comes to an e-commerce web design then it is a little bit difficult to choose the right one. There are many CMS available for e-commerce web design like Magento, Shopify, Orocommerce, Wix  etc. Among them Magento and Shopify have 200K+ active stores. Orocommerce is mainly used for B2B website design. Though it can be customized for B2B2B, B2B2C or B2C websites. Using Orocommerce is not so easy for the beginners so it’s better to hire a professional Orocommerce developer.