store brands save money

How Shopping Store Brands Saves

We have been conditioned to see brand names as quality, and we are willing to pay the price for what we believe is a superior product. However, private label or store brand products often have the same level of quality, but at a much lower price.

Why Do Name Brands Cost More?

When shopping, the thought occurs to us that maybe the added cost brings added benefits. After all, there must be some extra value to buying a name brand product. The reality is that name brands are name brands because they have invested in advertising and packaging. Those costs to make their brand memorable are passed along at the purchase price. Store brands use less flashy packaging and no expensive campaigns; thus, you pay for the actual cost of the product. Here are some products that we buy every day that can bring us under budget by going store brand.

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Over-The-Counter Medications

Whether its painkillers or antiseptic creams, we steer toward the well-known brands for relief. Yet if you compare the ingredient contents on the packaging with store brands like Walmart, you will see an almost completely identical list. Store brands can deliver the same benefits but at a lower price, even for medicine.


Which Garbage Bag Brands Do You Use?

We go to the big garbage bag brands for their durability and strength, and we are willing to pay the premium. Yet if we compare packaging with store brands, we will be surprised that private label garbage bag products offer similar strength and durability without the incurred costs of hefty adverting.


Paying Too Much for What You Eat

We all have our brand favourites when it comes to food, but many staples in the kitchen such as beans, rice and sugar do not necessarily have to be name brands to bring quality to your cooking. Store brands like Walmart Great Value offer the same level of quality at a reduced price. In other words, you won’t taste the difference.

Secrets of Store Brands

From the common misunderstanding that private label products are just the better-known brand with the different coat of point; it is not true. You will discover a large number of small companies dedicated only to expanding store brands plus they work immediately with the shop to develop that, label and price things. Even when a product is manufactured by a huge well-known brand, it isn’t similar.


More Ways to Save

While assembling your shopping list for a weekend grocery trip, keep store brands in mind over your normal brand purchase. It’s worth a try to see if you like it. You will like the savings. In addition, there are other store savings that can help make purchasing private label a normal part of your household shopping routine.

Sometimes store brands transcend their limited availableness and become countrywide brands.

The bottom line that store brands can save you money. A recently issued data from the Private Label Manufacturers Connection discovered that consumers save typically 1/3 of the grocery bill by purchasing store brands. While almost all of us don’t specifically buy private label products, increasing the number of store brands inside our shopping container will have a visible impact on the money register.