The best activities in Melbourne for your vacation

Every Australian will tell you that Sydney is the most beautiful, but Melbourne has a spirit. The second largest city in Australia and the cultural capital is the place where you will always find the fun. Melbourne is full of hidden pathways, bars, and music scene is excellent, great coffee, and to the excitement contributes the local passion for the sport.

Small bars are literally everywhere. Try to find the Croft Institute – inspired by the chemical laboratories. Coffee in Melbourne is like a religion, and its creating is on the artistic level. Try it at any café or ask about last year’s winner of the competition Barista.

Along with London and New York, Melbourne can boast with one of the most vivid scenes of the street graffiti. Visit the Hosier Lane and Duckboard Palace or try to find Banksy.

Melbourne claims to have the best live scene in the world. One of many activities in Melbourne is to listen to bands like Espy in St. Kilda, The Corner in Richmond or Pony in the CBD. If you love jazz, go to Bennett’s Lane in the city. There is the best jazz in this town.

This town is obsessed with sports. It is the best to come during the tennis tournament Australian Open (January), the Australian Formula 1 grand story (March) or the Spring racing carnival (November).

One of the most beautiful activities Melbourne is to tend Federation Square. Federation Square in Melbourne is one of the most complex and ambitious projects in the history of Australian architecture and something that makes this city stand out compared to the others in Australia. Square occupies an entire city block, and bold and daring design is the work of Lab architecture and Bates Smart. Federation Square is a unique blend of cultural activities and it is internationally recognized as one of the world’s largest public spaces. Within it are the Ian Potter Centre, which showcases the history of Australia from the colonial period to contemporary art, and there are several galleries that are dedicated to indigenous art.

Australian Centre of moving images (ACMI) – the first center of this kind in the world and it celebrates all kinds of moving pictures, from the film, television and digital culture. The Association of Australian commercial gallery – where you will find all of contemporary art in this country.

Federation Square holds over 200 events per year: from exhibitions, festivals, movies over concerts to fashion shows. Whenever you come here, some event is in progress.

A few more activities in Melbourne:

• Restaurants

Try different tastes offered by the restaurants, cafes and bars on the Federation Square in Melbourne. There are espresso bars, fast food restaurants, Chinese and Australian cuisine. Something for everyone and for everyone’s pocket.

• Shopping

Whether you are a lover of art, film or souvenirs – here you will find everything. Tourism at Federation Square with many events and cultural attractions offers a wide range of tourist attractions, including organized tours with a guide, rent bikes, cruisers on the river Jara and landscape sightseeing.

• National Sports Museum

National Sports Museum is the only place in Australia that is completely dedicated to the sport and it is located at Federation Square.

• Tour

Victoria is the smallest state in Australia.

Jara Valley is just an hour north-east of Melbourne. In the village you will find great vineyards. About an hour and a half south-east is the island Philip, known for its parade of penguins and beaches for surfing.

A little further away is Wilson’s Promontory, a favorite place for adventure and camping. Do not forget the Great ocean road, scenic route along the coast that leads to the beaches and towns Lorne and Apollo Bay, and monuments such as the Twelve Apostles.