How to Create a High Converting Landing Page

Converting the members of your audience into paying customers depends on the impression you make on your first interaction. In digital marketing, you may use tens of tactics to improve and convert your interactions (leads) into actual sales, but the most effective strategy involves the use of attractive landing pages.


Use white space

To draw in your customers, you have to get rid of clutter. Creating landing pages with white space and less clutter makes that possible. It makes your text more readable. Your call to action (CTA) buttons and images will stand out more when your landing page has white space. All you need to add is a brief headline. Creating a decluttered landing page using white spaces will also allow your visitors to know what is important and what isn’t.

Create a headline that visitors cannot ignore

White spaces are essential in pulling in visitors but what makes those visitors visit your website and buy your products or services is the headline. You need to create a compelling headline. One that will interest your visitors pique their attention and help them understand at first glance what you are all about or what you are selling. If you are giving out information about your newest e-book, ensure that the headline is really good.

Wondering what makes a compelling landing page’s title? Three things: the ability to grab the reader’s attention, concise description of the product or service, and it should be short.

Subheading – create one that is persuasive

If the subheading is as good as the heading, the likelihood of those visitors hanging around may increase. To make this possible, place the subheading directly under the headline, make it persuasive, and add a little more sugar – add more depth to the headline and the product or service you are marketing.

Show prices

Most marketers are afraid of showing prices for the items they are marketing. That shouldn’t be the case. If the landing page is promoting an offer or you charge fixed prices, then you should show your prices. Doing this increases your rate of closing because people already know what they are signing up for. Most people look at landing pages and ignore them when they don’t have prices because they are hidden, and they worry that the product will cost more or that it has hidden costs. If you have different packages for your web design service, give the pricing plans, and the services customers will be paying for.

Use videos

The digital marketing scene has seen an increase in the use of videos. People are watching more videos, and the videos are selling more than pictures of lengthy articles.  The use of videos gets the whole message out to your prospective buyers, and it increases the chances of people actually learning more or everything about the product or service you are selling.

What else can you do?

  • Create an excellent copy. It should be persuasive, easy to understand, well written, and comprehensive in that it should answer all the questions a potential customer may have.
  • Keep the info submission form simple
  • Make it as simple and professional as possible
  • Incorporate value propositions