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How to Bring the Best Online Shopping Experience for Modern Shoppers

There are an estimated 20 million modern shoppingwebsites all over the internet for customers to choose from. So the question is, how to get your customers to come and shop from your website? This would be possible only if you provide your customers with the best online shopping experience website.

According to Nasdaq, by the year 2040 almost 95% of all modern shopping will be done through e-commerce. So this proves that there is a tremendous amount of opportunity and time for e-commerce players to get their website at the top of their niche.

There are a lot of other ways that you can improve the online shopping experience of your customers. In this article, we are going to cover some of the best tips to help you understand how to improve online shopping experience. So read along if you are interested in improving theonline shopping experience of your customers.

How to improve online shopping experience of customers?

  1. Make your e-commerce website load faster.

Nobody likes a slow website. The attention span of internet users is getting shorter each year, you have to be able to attract your customers’ attention in a quick manner if you want them to buy from you. If you want to provide your customers with the best online shopping experience then your website speed is something that you just cannot skimp out on. Suppose your website visitor finds your website on google and they click on your listing, if your website takes more than 5 seconds to lead then your customer would not hesitate to hit the back button and go to your competitors website. This action is also known as ‘bounce rate’ in SEO terms, and it can drastically hamper your Google rankings as well as your customer experience.

2. Optimise your website for mobile.

Online Shopping

According to a recent study done by Statista, more than 73% of all e-commerce shopping is gonna be done using mobile phones. Hence, it is crucial that you focus on optimizing your mobile website to provide a great online shopping experience for your visitors. The majority of your customers would have their experience of online shopping on a mobile phone. Therefore it makes sense that you must focus on providing them with the best online shopping experience on mobile. Browsing ecommerce websites on mobile and having issues like the website not loading properly, buttons misplaced, text too small to read, etc. can be incredibly frustrating for mobile users and it can result in them having a terrible experience of online shopping.

3. Have a chatbot feature on your website.

Your customers want a personal experience of online shopping. With ecommerce, it is not possible to have a live sales representative for every single customer that visits your website like it is the case with brick and mortar stores. The huge number of people visiting your website makes it impossible to handle every single one of them. But thankfully, you do not need to hire sales representatives for modern shopping. Chatbots are a great way to automate your customers queries and handle their concerns with ease. In fact, according to surveys conducted by Kinsta 60% of customers actually prefer talking to chatbots as opposed to live salespersons. This form of a digital self-service tool is incredibly useful for ecommerce websites who have a ton of customers to deal with 24/7. Therefore, chatbots are an amazing way to improve online shopping experience.

4.Make your website easy to navigate with a search box.

Your customers should be able to easily navigate through your website without much thought and effort. There are many ways that you can achieve excellent online shopping experience for your customers, some of the main ways are; making the website design more intuitive, using more pictures, and of course implementing a search box in your website. Having a search box on your website is absolutely essential, since customers who use the search box on ecommerce websites are doing so with an intent.  They have already made up their minds about what products they are looking for and they most probably aren’t window shopping. For example when people want to shop online for clothes, they use search bars directly to reach that page. You must also have good search filters in place such as; product ratings, most popular products, brand names, delivery times, etc. to provide the best online shopping experiencewebsite  to your customers.

  • Focus on product visuals.

One of the biggest advantages that brick and mortar stores have in terms of customer experience is that the shoppers are able to touch, feel, visualise, and even try out the product before they buy it from the shop. This is not the case with modern shoppingwebsites. Although, there are a lot of technological improvements being made to address this such as Augmented Reality, etc. It still has a long way to go. But what you can do for improving theonline shopping experience is to provide stunning and accurate visuals of the product in the form of pictures and videos. This will immensely help your customer to visualise the product before they buy it and it will also give them a better idea of how the product actually is. Always use high-quality pictures of your products and try to add a video demonstration of the product if possible.

  • Personalise your website

According to Accenture, 91% of customers would be more likely to shop with ecommerce brands that offer them with personalised recommendations. This statistic shows us how crucial it is to provide customers with a personal experience of online shopping. Online shopping websites collect a tremendous amount of data about their customers. There is no reason that you shouldn’t do it as well. Your customers would thank you if you provide them with relevant recommendations when they are browsing your online store. In fact, personalisation can be used in your marketing efforts as well. It is a great idea to send personalised recommendations of products to your customers on their email (if they opt in for it).