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Top 15 Free Sites for Watching TV Shows

The lockdown has seen one of the wildest crazes for the OTT shows. Yet, there have been reasons why many people could not subscribe to all the OTT(Over-the-top) media services.

Honestly, how many platforms can you subscribe to?

And, with the quality of shows getting telecasted, improving over time, it is essential to not miss a single show!

If you are a TV buff, it becomes important to find all the material sorted at a single place or find a source for them, without any cost!

This article focuses on the best 15 websites you must tune in, to enjoy the best TV Shows in 2020!

Tricks to Watch TV Shows Online for Free:

a. Find out Sites that Provides Free TV Shows:

If you don’t want to subscribe or sign up with your credit card for free trail then you have to explore sites that are free to watch. Though you will face unwanted pop-up or redirected ads, still it worth to stream on free sites. Crawl down to find out our recommended top 15 free sites.

b. Try Free Trail:

Maximum websites that are paid offers at least one month free trail. Sites like Amazon Prime, Netfilx, Hulu, Hotstar allows the user to stream one month for free. If you don’t hesitate to share your credit card information then you can enjoy some years by activating free trail one after another. Also you will get a chance to test the website if you want to buy the subscription.

c. Share your Friend’s or relative’s Account

It is one of the free options to enjoy free series or movies. Websites like HULU, HBO allow adding more than one account in a subscription. If the sites don’t allow more than one account, still there is a chance to use it. You can login through OTP when your friend is not streaming.

Here goes the list where you can watch TV shows online, which every TV buff must not miss! Lets start streaming now.

1. Tubi:

One of the most loved and searched websites for watching tv shows online free, Tubi comes along with an AI search algorithm. Along with the best TV shows, the ease of accessing the website makes it seamless.

You can queue in the best TV shows and enhance the viewing experience.

If you don’t get time to binge through all the episodes, you can resume from the point you left it last.

With the help of the search information, you can tune in to watching the best shows, on your couch, without losing a penny.

2. Popcorn Flix:

No need to sign up or share any of your credit cards details to get the best shows on Popcorn Flix.

Content ranging across numerous genres and types, the platform is filled with free TV shows of the best tastes!

The shows also range from the vault. So, if you ever want to get back to the nostalgia, don’t think twice to tune in to Popcorn Flix.

With the movies, TV Shows, and documentaries, the platform is perfect for anyone who loves watching TV shows. Enjoy the best quality programs from anywhere, accessing the content over any device like Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

3. Vudu:

Excellent picture quality, tremendous surround sound the system along with the latest collection of the block-blusters all in one place.

Vudu is one of the most searched platforms for TV Shows as it gives free access, without any subscription to the best shows of the platform. Moreover, you can access the shows across numerous platforms.

If you have a game console, you can also access the Vudu to stream the best pictures during any time of the day.

With a large amount of free content, there are certain premiere shows which ask for a subscription. But, you can also rent them, instead of buying the entire show.

Or, if you are not quite comfortable with spending on TV shows, you can very well, enjoy the free content, which is highly rated by viewers.

4. Look Movie:

It is better if we don’t get fooled by the name of the platform. Though the platform only states about movies, the platform gives access to the best TV shows as well.

You can chill out with your popcorn and watch the latest TV series that is captivating and engaging too.

You can filter the shows based on genre, release dates and even the public reception.

Guess what! It is a completely free platform!

So, start binging now!

5. Yes movies:

With the best TV shows getting updated frequently with the latest episodes, Yes Movies has a huge fan base.

What is so exciting about Yes Movies is their easy to use navigation pane an access bar. With the ease of accessing the best TV shows in terms of country, release date, and ratings, the platform makes viewing very interactive.The website runs a handful of ads to gain its revenue since it is a completely free website. It makes sure that they don’t interrupt your viewing experience.

6. Putlocker:

Put locker has features almost similar to the rest of the platforms.

One differentiating factor is the coolest feature of news and updates, that helps in knowing the top-rated shows and recent gossips.

Free to access, and easier to navigate, it is important to note that the viewing might be interrupted by ads.

Shifting to the night mode is the coolest feature in the website, that enhances the viewing experience.

7. Solar Movies

With multiple quality movies updated at regular intervals, the platform is gaining prominence in recent times.

Free binging is no more trouble as solar movies let you filter the best movies through the multiple categories which is provided. Moreover, the country of the movies and the language is also filtered using the search option.One of the highest visited websites for watching movies, it should be the go to the website for movie binging.

8. 123MoviesGo:

Available across the various devices, this website is one of the most loved website amongst users.

TV shows and movies are streamed on 1080p, which is the best picture quality available. With the highly intensive search algorithm and an equally attractive navigation bar, that makes searching the best shows simpler!

There might be a simple challenge, which is playing the series. You might need to press the play button multiple times. But, if you can cope up with that, this could be the best website for TV shows & movies!

9. BMovies

BMovies provides movies and tv shows in different genres and country wise . Moreover, you can find the list of the best TV shows from the sorted collection.

You can access the best option of TV series through the navigation and search bar. If there is any problem with the source of the movies, you can access the mirror links present to watch the movies.

The best thing that the platform offers is the lack of any buffering present on the website. Moreover, with zero lag, the play button might need double pressing to start the movie.

Overall, with more than 15,000 visitors, it is the perfect site for enjoying tv series binge during the lockdown!

10. IMDB TV:

If you have thought that IMDB is only about rating the movies, well you need to think beyond. IMDB TV provides movies at ease which are also rated.

Thus, you can rest assured about the quality of the movies and TV shows. Moreover, you might require to register in IMDB TV, but just like other competitors, it is free of charge.

The shows are original, with the best picture quality and the perfect brand recognition! But there is a major problem for the people that lived outside the US. It is now working on US only.

11. CW TV:

The platform with more than 2 Million visitors, is another user-favourite US based website. With the latest movies available for the users, the streaming of the best series like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Black Lightningare, Flash, are seamless.

The quality of the picture in terms of viewing quality is the best with 1080p and 720p which is present in the AZ movies.

The ease of navigation from one movie to another and the seamless website interface makes the website the best in 2020 for viewing movies and TV shows!

There is no subscription fee for the website, still you will not be interrupted by ads during the movie.

General Faq:

Is there any website to watch TV shows for

Yes, there are many websites. Some of them are CW TV, IMDB TV, BMovies, Solarmovies, Tubi.