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Electronic commerce (e-commerce), is a modern form of market goods and services through the use of information technology and telecommunications, especially by leveraging the advantages of the Internet.Obviously the characteristics of this network and its associated technologies, has caused overcrowding of electronic commerce, especially associated with final consumers (Business-to-Consumer, or B to C); the ubiquity of the Net, the multimedia capabilities of the technologies associated with the Internet and the ease of use thereof, allow many businesses to bring their offerings to millions of potential consumers, who can browse, searching and selecting services or products you wish to purchase, among the thousands of sales sites that exist today. 
Make purchases over the Internet can pose many advantages, among which are the following: 

Availability: can shop anytime of the day, dependence on trade opening times 

Convenience of access: we purchase our products from home or workplace, avoiding travel.

Speed: access to services or products is done without delay or special procedures, so we can get the you need a quick way. 

More competitive market: Internet allows us to locate different stores around the world that offer the same product or service, compare prices and added services before purchase. 

Personal attention: in some cases, we can create products / services as depending on our personal needs. 

Detailed information: we are able to provide us with the details we need on the characteristics of the product / service you want to acquire, solicit opinions from consumers, request demonstrations and compare it with the competition. The knowledge takes advantage of the benefits offered us today by new technologies, is a simple and convenient way to adapt to the technology.