Three 2019 Social Media Marketing Trends You Can Adopt Now

It is halfway through the year and marketers are keen on drafting and polishing their social media marketing strategies. As per our research, here are a few trends that have picked up in 2018 and will likely to continue in the coming year. Something to keep in mind is that the world, and the digital one at that, is dynamic and demographics are changing. We’re now seeing more and more Gen Zers, those born between 1995 and 2010, entering the workforce.

Those listed here are projections. Anything can come up in the market within the coming months and change the trajectory that most are likely to take in 2019 with regards to their social media marketing efforts. This list should work as a guide, but keep an eye on immerging trends as well, especially those in your industry.

Image Source: Pexels

Influencer marketing

Trust is particularly hard to foster given not everyone will believe that a brand has their best interest at heart. This vacuum has created a niche market for influences to thrive. These are people usually have a large following and act as a conduit between a brand and their demographic. A social media influencer gets paid by a company to sell products and services,but it is the fact that their audience value and trust their opinions that sales take place. A Regulatory Consultants Canada firm may have a hard time reaching small business,but someone popular in this field can bridge the gap. The mode of selling is personal,and an influence uses emotional appeal to create connections with customers and have them buy into a brand. It is a trend likely to continue well past 2019.

Videos and Live-Feed

Visuals, and videos specifically, perform better than text on social media. Your company should, therefore,consider increasing budgets to reflect this aspect and opt to make relevant videos for improved engagement on social media. Given this trend, live-feed was therefore only a natural transition. What makes them more useful than videos is that they are free and only require you to have a decent phone camera. To send word to your audience on Instagram videos, Facebook lives,or Snapchat is an ideal approach. The content does disappear within 24 hours,so it’s best for time-sensitive promotions.

Increase attention on Gen Z

As mentioned, this generation is coming of age, with the oldest being 22 and likely already in the workforce. The fact that they now have an income makes them potential customers to a lot more industries than before. Disposable income, therefore, makes them the target of advertisers in as much as Millennials have been prime targets for years now. Given they make up for a significant number on most social media platforms they are will be relatively easy to reach.