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Why your competitor still ranks higher

If you’re a business working hard to rank your website higher up on search engines, you’re likely to face certain frustrations. We’re here to help you proceed higher up so that, one day your company’s site sits squarely on top of your business rivals. Here are things you need to do that your competitor is probably already doing.


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Website optimization

Depending on the site you’re using, you need a professional SEO optimizer. Website such as Wix is easier when it comes to optimizing, but others require coding if you’re to have a fighting chance. Sure, how your website looks, the user experience, relevance and the content matter a great deal, but you also need to get assistance from a web developer. If you’re to rank higher, we urge you not to spare costs; it will provide handsome returns in the future. Same way you’d get an auto insurance quote before making your choice, we advise you do the same with the professional.


We’ve all read fake reviews on sites and can tell that the brand cannot be trusted. You need therefore to urge customers to provide authentic feedback and not having your family, friends and team members logging on to give bogus reviews. You can create a reward system or send a polite reminder to customers and clients to rate your business. It creates an element of trust, especially when done on Google. If people feel they can trust you (and rate you highly), then so will the search engine.


One of the ways companies are working to increase their online social standing is through the use of backlinks. That can take two forms. The first is using your name and address in a consistent format in content out featured in. The other is having the business name or a keyword with a link to your website featured on multiple sites. That way, Google sees that you’re relevant.

Ad campaigns

If you can’t rank higher, Google now provides the option to sponsor your website to rank at the top of the page. It will be labelled ‘ad,’ but it gives it more visibility. Using keywords and targeting your niche demographic, you’ll be able to attract people to your page.

Final word- maybe they are just better than you

This humble thought should have you going back to the drawing board. A SWOT analysis will provide insight as to what your competitor is doing better with regards to service delivery. You may end up doing all the above, but if you can’t retain customers, make conversions or maintain a reputation, you may need to consider making changes to your business before pouring resources into ranking your website higher.


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