Earn and Build your Career with Work from Home!

After having children, the mothers have so many added responsibilities. They are reluctant to go back to their work with that same frame of mind and energy.  But in this era of innovative technology, it has made possible for women especially mothers to take care of their household and work at the same time. Work from home is quite a popular trend and is an easy way of earning money without any fuss over taking care of the children. If there are bills to pay or you want to keep your career and skills fresh while staying at home, work from homes is the best way. More than half of the world is doing it and as the economy is boosting, more companies are going in for staff to work from home.

GP2-Earn and Build your Career

All you need is a Laptop or a Computer and a good internet connection, basic skills and communication skills and you are good to go!

The trending work from home options for moms that can easily fit into your schedule are:

Sell Online: Do you know something which you can make yourself? If yes, you can sell them online. There is so much of trend these days to sell handicraft items online on various marketplaces and buyers love buying them. Even i started making and selling handmade bedding in any size online at etsy and later switch from etsy to my own website Linens’n’Curtains – Customized Home and Party Linens store.

How to sell Online – There are many online marketplaces which allows only handicraft items like Etsy and Amazon handmade. You can also sell at other marketplaces and do marketing of your items at various social media. You have to expertise marketing tips to sell your handicraft items.

Film and Video Posting: Simply signup for a free YouTube. You can post various videos on how everyday things are done; demonstrate yourself and explain using a digital camera. Payment depends on the number of hits on your video.

English Trainer: Students whose native language is not English require teachers to make them practice and understand. You can take lessons over the phone or live video like Skype. If you are good in articulation and have a basic degree, this is the perfect job for you.


Content Writer– If you are good with words and creative in mind then writing is the best work for you. Various websites need content to promote their services and you can easily do this work. Writing articles, blogs, press releases and so on are the various kinds of content writing work.

Survey Taker: In this, you have to take an opinion poll or review a product or even answer questions about certain things. Visit some survey companies website and register yourself. The site contacts you and explains to you how the work is to be done. The payment is made on the number of surveys taken or the time you put in. This is the way you can earn money filling out surveys.

Online Teacher: This kind of work is perfect if you do not want a typical school schedule. Instead of a classroom, you will be giving lessons on Skype. There is a growing demand for online teachers in some specific subjects like English, Maths and Science. You can find various organizations or academies online.

Office and Technical Work: Computer driven work like Photoshop, PowerPoint, data entry or other office skills are becoming popular as the businesses require extra staff to handle this kind of small, important work.

Watch out for scam alerts and fraud websites too. If you are suspicious about any website, then start looking elsewhere. Manage your work hours accordingly and invest time in the work that you really want to do. Work hard, work safe!