Digital Marketing Campaign

4 Reasons why your Digital Marketing Campaign is not working

Used to be a decade ago that when you paid for a radio or TV advert, you sat back and hoped fir the best of course you would have to advertise your product or service across as many platforms as possible to ensure complete coverage. Choosing the best digital marketing agency is a big task today.

Well, those days are long gone. Technological advancement has made it possible for your company, be it a video production company or an upcoming sushi joint to monitor the effectiveness of a campaign and decide promptly what works and what doesn’t. This way, you will easily know what to tweak to improve your digital marketing campaigns.

Even with all the tools available, some digital marketing campaigns still fail miserably. What could be causing this?

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No Call to Action

You are not clear on what you want your readers to do after they have read your well-written sales email. While to some it is clear that they should go on and order that delicious chicken-and-cheese sandwich that you just advertised to deliciously and mouthwateringly, others will need to be asked to click on “this link” to buy. “Love what you see on this plate and would like some for lunch today? Go on and order this yummy-for-your-tummy sandwich here. A call-to-action can work wonders for your goods or services.

You are not using simple, enticing language in your digital marketing

Unless you are marketing to rocket scientists, you may want to drop the jargon. The most compelling messages are not told in a complicated manner; rather they are explained in normal day-to-day language.

While at this, potential buyers respond to incentives, so you may want to stick to those. Have you free or discounted shipping? Don’t fail to mention it there just to catch the eye of a curious shopper. Or you are giving free lenses for each camera purchased. Who’d want to miss out on that?

You are not Using Imagery and Videos in digital marketing

These two work wonders especially in now that most people have little time to read through blocks of text. If you intend to use these two, then the quality has to be top notch as anything less would be frowned upon and maybe even cause you to lose a few followers.

You are not Selectively Social

If you are using the same message for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, then some followers may leave. They may feel – rightly – as though you are not putting in as much effort as you need since you would be replicating messages. If three social sites are too many t maintain, check the ones that your target audience uses the most and drop the rest. You will have a much easier time that way.

Also, you want to actively engage your audience. Have apps that notify you when your pages are hit so you can respond promptly. It is through engagement that you convert readers or followers to customers.

Switch things up!

Just try these strategies and you will be surprisedyou may not have to change your content at all. Just a few tweaks could see your digital campaign shoot up impressively.