Making your online business personal

No one can disputes that companies need to make money to survive. The point of variance is in the ‘how.’ One aspect that the most global brands have aced is in how they incorporate a personal touch in all their messaging. From Dove to Apple to Old Spice, these brands add a human element to their advertising and customer care that leaves customers feeling valued and satisfied. While quality ought to back up this approach, it remains that people opt to go for the brand that interacts with them at a human level despite both being similar in the offering.


Image Source:pexels

What then does that mean for your business? A new auto insurance company has to compete with their peers and those who’ve been in the industry longer. At a basic level, they are likely to provide the same services as the rest, perhaps with a difference in pricing and packaging. What then can they do to stand out and get ahead of the pack despite being a young company?

How a brand talks to [potential] customers makes all the difference. We’ve all perhaps interacted with brands that, upon making an inquiry, we were met with a generic and mostly unhelpful response that we’d spotted on other comments. Such interactions leave a person with the perception that a company is cold, unresponsive and only cared about who is bringing in the money. The best communication online that have made top lists in marketing and entertainment circles as those that were spontaneous, friendly and funny all that the same time.

Most businesses neglect, after basic training, allowing their customer care officials to let their personality shine. Using a script is impersonal and more often than not rubs people the wrong way. With the necessary skills in place, an operator can communicate with audiences in a manner that, when they walk away from the screen, they feel that someone made them a priority. It is this attention to a customer’s needs that increase a person’s trust in a brand.

All lasting relationships have trust at their core. Adding and remaining loyal to having a personal touch to your brand means that those who buy into your brand are likely to stay for life or as long as they need you. Research shows us that word of mouth remains as one of the strongest (if not the strongest) marketing tool there is. Therefore, adding a personal touch to your company is not only ideal for your target market; it also makes business sense.