The office of the Future

A few years ago – as recent as 10 years ago – office spaces were predictable. You had the usual open plan and a few plants to give some life to the place if you were lucky. Everyone would have a similar desk and it would remain so until they moved up the ladder to secure an office of their own.


Image Source:pexels

Well, things have changed now and corporations around the world are seeking spaces that bring the best out of their human resources. This is the office of 2018 and the future.

Going Green for the Good of all

Everyone has been going green and taking pride in it. Some organizations have taken this a notch higher and started using sustainable energy in the office, as well as adopting the biophilic design – that pertains to the love for life and nature. The setting allows for more natural feel with plants surrounding the office to keep it fresh and natural.

Also notable is the tearing of traditional walls and replacing them with natural material such as bamboo strips. They not only make the place beautiful, but they also inspire nature.

Techie Stuff

Every industry has seen disruptions caused by the advancement if technology. Even the good personal injury lawyer who thought they would never be affected by these changes recognize disruptions are inevitable. Today’s office space incorporates video conferencing capabilities, smart boards, wireless charging ports, and data sharing capabilities to make the human resources productive.

Open Collaborative Spaces

Gone are the days when employees would convene in the kitchen to have a banter of the current affairs or the boardroom for brainstorming sessions. These days, organizations recognize that inspiration is not to be constricted and so they have these fancy seating areas furnished with comfortable seats and whiteboards where employees can share insight and collaborate. You can work from here too if your desk does not inspire you anymore.

Chill a Bit?

Traditionally, you could only take a break by walking a little around the office or grabbing a cuppa in the kitchenette, but the modern office is opening the space even more. For a brain-jog, you can take a video game break in the much larger game room or grab a meal in the much-larger kitchen within the office. The modern breakout space has a sauna, beanbag for power naps to recharge the mind, yoga mats for meditation and a little stretch. It is no wonder more employees are spending more time in the office these days.

What Next?

Trends are expected to get even better in the coming years to introduce a much better working environment for the workforce of the future. It is expected that HR managers will play even bigger roles in organizations to not only attract but also keep the best talents all over the world.

Diversity is also going to be key in the office of the future, seeing as organizations are already hiring from different continents. It is exciting today but it is bound to get better over the next five years.