Tips to finally acing your gift giving

Gift buying is one of those things we still get nervous about even after knowing someone for years.It is perhaps because it’s a hit and miss that we end up telling others not to get us anything, which we are “fine.” If you’re still having a hard time gift giving, we are here to tell you that you’re in good company. That said we’re here to rescue you. We hope that, when we are done, you’ll be able to become known in your circles as the most thoughtful gift giver.

Image Source: Pexels

Find out what they like

Sure, they work for a Unified Taxes Canada subsidiary and their life feels pretty average. Here, you may require some brainpower on your part. Grab a notepad and write down the things you know they are interested in or like. Heed what they talk about and consider getting them something they don’t have. If you can’t figure out what they like, ask those close to them to help (as long as they can keep quiet about it). You can also stalk their social channels to see what they post or talk about. We have all have let slip something we’d like to have but cannot get our hands on.

Get something “life-changing.”

If they are always talking about going for a play, get them a ticket. If they are always talking about the good-old-days where they could garden, go for a kit, complete with soil if they live in a flat. Whatever you get them needs to make a difference in their life, even if it’s a year’s worth gift card for their favorite vegan store. Get something that they need and will most definitely use more than once. Aim not to spare any cost; a perfect gift is one that cost you something.

Packaging is everything

If you’re looking to impress, don’t stop at a gift bag and wrapping paper. Whatever you get, consider turning it into an experience. If you’re getting an expensive bottle of wine, consider putting it in a small crate with a tool to crack it open. Placing it in a cake or something that requires them to “work for it” is another way to go about presenting the gift. However, for those gifts where wrapping paper is the only way to go, don’t spare costs in packaging as it makes the whole experience that much more exciting.

Make it personal

Whether it is in the experience, you create when giving the item or adding a personal touch such as an engraving, ensure that your gift has a bit of you. There are many places, including on the card, where you can write a thoughtful note to make them feel that you went the extra mile to get them the perfect gift- because you did.