Taking a Look at the Different Types of Lawyers in Melbourne

Lawyers in Melbourne and beyond are experts in different branches of law. A legal professional is simply not just a lawyer – they are a lawyer in their chosen field. A solicitor can refer to a lawyer of any kind, but there are very different types of law that a legal expert can cover in their professional lives.

Contacting lawyers in Melbourne is a reality for many people, as there are many situations in life where disputes are unavoidable. Whether you want to brush up on your legal knowledge or you’re wondering what kind of lawyer you should be contacting, here’s a list of the diverse kinds of lawyers in Melbourne.

Business Law Lawyers

Business or commercial law refers to the kind of law that directly deals with any legal disputes that arise due to business matters. From business ownership through to disagreements between business partners, many lawyers in Melbourne work professionally in business law every day. Firms around Melbourne usually offer business law advice and assistance for a wide range of case types.
Some of the various types of business law cases include:

• Business purchase or sale
• Company insolvency
• Employment law
• Trademarks
• Franchising

Family Law Lawyers

The family law describes a more personal area of law. Family lawyers in Melbourne will see a variety of different and diverse cases, with every case usually varying in its details. There are a few different cases that a family lawyer can take on, ranging from divorce and the well-being of children through to property settlement. As family law disputes can be incredibly difficult and highly emotional, family lawyers in Melbourne work passionately towards providing the best and fairest solutions.

Property Law Lawyers

While property law might seem self-explanatory, it’s a type of law that opens up floodgates to all different kinds of cases. Property lawyers in Melbourne can be useful in areas such as commercial leasing, building disputes, mortgages, contracts, and more. Property lawyers in Melbourne, sometimes known as conveyancing lawyers, can also work very closely with conveyancers when it comes to buying, selling, subdividing and transfer of ownership. When you go to buy or sell a property, the process can be complicated without the advice and assistance of a property law professional.

Litigation Law Lawyers

Litigation lawyers in Melbourne are the kind of lawyers you innately think about from movies. Although litigation lawyers can defend you in a court of law, the majority of litigation cases realistically take place inside offices. Litigation law is a complicated field, as it deals with all kinds of disputes and clients. A litigation lawyer is a lawyer you can seek out for legal advice and assistance in a wide range of serious commercial, family, property, and personal cases.

Estate Law Lawyers

Lawyers in Melbourne who work in the area of estate law are the professionals you go to for any matters revolving around succession, wills, power of attorney and estate litigation. When a loved one dies, the matters relating to their will can quickly get messy. Estate lawyers in Melbourne can take on sensitive cases and ensure you’re being properly protected.