Tips To Remember When Taking Out Your Baby for the First Time

Taking out your newborn for the first time sounds scary. You might wonder about so many things from how to take them out, what clothes should I put them in and where not to take them. Here are a few steps that can help to make the whole thing less scary for you.

When to Take Them Out?

You can take your newborn out as long as you are ready to unless it is advised by doctors to stay in. Most often doctors’ advice again going out when the baby is premature or has immune system related conditions. In such cases, you will have to wait to take the baby 0outside until the doctor gives the ok.

Where To And Where Not To Go?

Often it is advised to take a baby to somewhere you can get fresh air and is less crowded. Places that you should avoid are places where crowd gathers and are busy such as shopping centres or restaurants. Taking them to busy and crowded places has the risk of exposing the baby to germs and even certain illnesses. Until the baby is a little older, try taking them to ore calming places with less sounds, people and pollution.

How Long Can You Wait Out?

Or the first few times you take out your baby, do not stay outside for longer periods of time. Make sure you expose the baby slowly to outside.  Start your first trip outside with one or two hours. Slowly extend the number of hours with each trip. This will help the baby to gradually adjust to the new change of scenery.

Dress the Right Clothes

When taking your baby outside make sure to dress them in the right clothes. Try not to make the baby’s first trip to outside in winter. But when you are taking an infant outside in winter, make sure they are dressed in many layers to avid cold and keep them warmed. For summer days make sure the baby is in comfortable breathable clothes that will not make them too hot. It is also advised not to keep babies under six months old in direct sunlight as their skin is too sensitive for sunlight as well as sunscreen.

Image Source: Pixabay

Take the Necessary Supplies with You

When going out take all the supplies you need to keep the baby safe and comfortable. Take a changing bag with extra diapers and extra clothes as well as a breastfeeding cover. If you are using a pram for your baby, then remember to have a pram seat liner to keep the baby comfortable. A blanket, mitten, caps and shoes are some of the extra items that needs to be taken out when taking the baby outside.

When to Meet People?

Introduce your baby to people slowly. While everyone in the family will be excited at the idea of a new born baby in the family, all of them visiting the baby at the same time also have the risk of the baby being exposed to too many germs. Even when you are outside, exposing them to those who are unwell or exposing them to too many people will not be good for their immune system yet.

When you know the right way of taking the baby outside you don’t have to worry about how and when to take out a baby. Keep the necessary items with you and keep all these tips in mind when you are taking your newborn outside for the first time.