Why Content Marketing should Matter to you

It has been said more than once that content is king and if you don’t believe it, just look at the social media account of the most successful company you know. These days, potential customers are more interested in the ways you can improve their lives than just a few adverts targeting them. They want to feel your concern before they can make the decision to buy because your competition is after them too.

Content marketing is where a company creates useful content for the benefit of its customers. This information does not have to be pitchy, but it could be about anything that will add value to those who visit the site. Through this interaction, a strong brand is built that will lead to trust, loyalty, and conversion.

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  • Attract More Traffic

Content gets around. If it is useful and valuable, users will share it with their networks, who will in turn either act on it or pass it around some more. Think of it as the reputation of a custody lawyer who’s most valuable asset is her reputation. The more your content is shared for being legit, the higher your chances of winning over new clients and converting them to sales.

  • Build Trust and Influence People

When people interact with your brand, they start trusting your opinions and especially when you show authority on your topic. It gets better if other sites link to yours, essentially exposing you to their visitors and stamping your authority as an expert in your area. The more people trust your opinion, the more they are likely to buy your goods and services.

  • Brand Awareness

You can choose to build awareness by advertising your product or service everywhere or you could choose to create content that would win over people. The former is quite expensive and geared towards getting people to buy your product while the latter focusses on getting the same people to trust you first. They are likely to be convinced if you show them that their well-being is your main focus.

  • The Options!

Content marketing is not limited to blog articles. You have graphics and videos as well which will get more traction. Podcasts too are becoming a major method of marketing as they are palatable. Choose the method that would work best for the audience you want to target or if you have the budget, choose several.

Among the reasons why these methods work is the attraction of organic traffic that will eventually lead to better exposure and chances to convert those visitors into sales.

Getting Started Easy

You won’t need too much money to get started. A great content writer who can connect with your visitors will be the second asset you will need after creating an online platform. Whatever choice you make; whether videos, a blog, or a podcast, you want to ensure that they will give you high-quality content. No one has time for poorly edited videos when there are so many YouTube creators around.