Decorating Tips to Spruce up Your Kid’s Room

You’ve probably had plenty of trouble trying to get your child to keep his or her room neat and tidy. You’ve also probably had lots of ever-changing demands for how the room should look. There are a few neat tricks that you can use to give your child’s room a bit of an update, and even leave room for easy changes to suit their whims and fancies. Here are a few to get you started.

image credit: pexels

Keep the Room Neat with Storage Bins

You can teach your child how to be tidy by coming up with a clever and easy way to sort their toys, books, and other little knick-knacks into storage bins. Choose plastic storage bins so that it is easy to see what’s inside. Alternatively, if the bins are not transparent, you can always label the bins. Get the child to take part in this by allowing them to create their own labels just the way they like it. This will help to make them feel more responsible for keeping things in their place. See if you can roll the storage bins under the bed to make the room even tidier.

Let Them Draw on the Walls

Yes, you read right. Children have a tendency to doodle on the walls and floors, often without realizing it, and you can’t really blame them. Of course, if you’ve told them a dozen times and they’ve still continued doing it, you may have a bit of a problem on your hands. You can encourage a healthy use of this habit, though. Buy several different sizes and types of empty frames online and attach them to a section of the wall. Make sure it is easy to slide the paper in and out of the frames. Tell your children that these are their very own art exhibitions and they can draw whatever they like inside. Alternatively, you can use whiteboard paint instead of paper. This way your child can explore their artistic talents while also getting to update their rooms as much as they want.

Use Interchangeable Themes

Does your child like superheroes or sports? Or perhaps they are more into Harry Potter or My Little Pony. Some children have a scientific curiosity from an early age. Whatever their likes maybe, your child is sure to have many. You can change the entire look of your child’s bedroom each time you change the linens by going with themed bedspreads, pillowcase, and curtains. For instance, if your child likes dinosaurs, astronauts, and basketball, you can buy linens depicting each of these themes and more. Then you can let them pick which ones they feel like having next when it’s time to do the laundry.

There are plenty of other ways you can make big changes to your child’s rooms with small efforts. Talk with your little one and get creative to see what else you can do to spruce up their rooms every so often. The more they play an active role in the way their room looks, the more responsible they will feel to keep the place neat and tidy too.