Features Every Bedroom Should Have

The bedroom is no doubt a safe little haven in which we bid adieu to a day and wake up to another.  People spend a significant amount of their life in the bedroom and it’s important that the bedroom space provides all due comfort and relaxation needed for the overall wellbeing of a person. Here are a few things you should consider putting into your bedroom, simply because you deserve the kind of peace of mind that a good bedroom can offer.


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Neutral Colours

Try to keep your bedroom minimalistic while you add some bold touches to it. For example, you can have a colorful picture frame, throw pillows or a headboard.

Effective Lighting

When it comes to a bedroom, one kind of light is not going to be enough. You need to have a combination of lighting sources to bring in the light as well as dark feel. Also, the lighting will need to reflect your moods. Make sure dimmers are available.

Good Mattress

A good mattress completes a good bedroom. There’s no point having a well-decorated room with plush accessories if you don’t have a good mattress to sleep on. Select a mattress that gives you enough back support and a cool feel.

Quality Bedding

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Might as well invest in a few quality bed linen that brings in comfort and durability. Make sure to rotate the linen once a week, change and wash pillows once a year. When it comes to bed linen,bedding Singapore has a few elegant yet comfortable pieces to add to your personal sanctuary.


The size of your bed decides the number of pillows on it. The bed should be inviting but not overcrowded. Around 4-6 pillows should be enough

A Chair or Bench

Your bed is for sleeping and not a working space. Invest in a comfy chair to get a cozy reading corner for yourself. Even placing a little bench at the foot of your bed is something that you can consider.

A Rug

Does the thought of stepping in and out of a cushy rug appeal to you? If yes, then go get yourself a rug for your bedroom floor. Not only does it add into your bedroom but assists in framing your bed and ground space.


At all costs, clutter is something to avoid in a bedroom. The more disorganized your room is the more stressful and unsettled you’ll be in it. Get a chest of drawers or a mirrored wardrobe to keep your things in.

Bedside Table or Nightstand

A well-organized bedside table or a nightstand serves you well. Use this space to keep a few necessities such as you spectacles, jewelry, night lamp, book, magazines and your favorite night cream.


As you wake up and look up to the day, make sure your eye catches something that inspires you or reflects positively in you. A piece of artwork or a few pieces of your collections over the years completes your bedroom décor.