Tips to Make an Old Home Look New

There are plenty ways to make old homes look appealing. All you need is imagination, dedication and a reasonable budget. You don’t have to be unhappy with owning and old home. A few tweak here and there can make it look as good as new. Also, innovatively decorating and old home can even make the property prices shoot up. So, here are several ways you can make your old home look brand new:

image credit: Freeimages

Install Wall Fireplaces

Does your old home have a wood fireplace or none at all? Then, gas fireplaces can be a practical and appealing solution. As they don’t require wood, you don’t have to worry about smoke or soot. They are also less energy-consuming than alternatives. You can make any room classy and sophisticated with a gas-powered fireplace.

Repaint Walls in New Shades

The biggest problem in many old homes is the wall paint. Don’t be stuck with a decade’s old color, or a muted color. Muted shades like cream and off-white will only emphasize the age of a room. Therefore, choose a shiny, new color from a print catalog. There are a number of new branded shades that will make any room look it was built yesterday. Plus, repainting walls won’t take much of your time or deplete your budget.

Replace the Flooring

If you are willing to spend some money, you can easily make old homes far more valuable simply by replacing the flooring. Get rid of old hardwood or discolored linoleum by and try a cool new material like bamboo. Some tiles can also imitate other materials like expensive redwood. Choose a chic new flooring, and your home will look as good as new.

Buy New Furniture or Redo the Upholstery

Having old furniture in old homes can double the impact of age. So, get rid of the old furniture and buy hip new ones in unconventional shapes. If that’s too expensive, consider getting new upholstery for old couches and chairs. You can also get discolored furniture newly polished and varnished to make them look new.

Get an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Sometimes, you have to look beyond the interiors to make your old home look new. How are your garden and yard? Is it overrun by weeds or decorated only with a few flower pots? You can convert your backyard into a wonderful new place to hang out with an outdoor pizza oven. Once each won’t cost much. Pair the oven with some stylish outdoor furniture and you will have an awesome spot to host guests.

Improve Lightning

Old homes all alike have one problem: limited lighting. If you can facilitate plenty of natural light to pour in, your house will look refreshingly good. There are several ways you can do this. First, if you use thick curtains, replace them with lighter curtains or blinds to allow in more sunlight. Make sure there’s no furniture in the way limiting the light. If possible, enlarge the windows and remove thick frames or drills. The more light there is, the chicer your home will look.

As you can see, you are not out of options when it comes to making an older home look modern. So, don’t hesitate and try one or two of the tips above today.