The Apps We Can’t Live Without

App development has changed the course of our daily lives in more ways than we can make a list for. So much as to claim we are now addicted and obsessed with our little devilish devices. One of those reasons is driven by applications.

Apps are the bread and butter of smartphone usage today. The costs behind app development have driven the tech economy into a lucrative, innovative and creative big business.

Here is an ode to the apps that we can’t live without.


                                                                          Image Source: Pixbay

Weather App

Today, we rely on our smartphones like we relied on newspapers decades ago. Especially when it comes to the weather and time. Who needs a wrist watch anymore, we look at our iPhones constantly enough, why the extra glance? Weather apps provide us with detailed, current information in almost any area across the globe. The iPhone has the weather app built into the operating system but there are several other weather apps that provide more bells and whistles. Regardless of which weather app you use, it’s an app, we can’t live without.

Map App

TomTom may just have retired now that smartphones obtained map apps. Just touching a real, paper map is an experience of its own as it may seem like an ancient treasure. If your car doesn’t have a built-in navigation, your smartphone has your back. You can navigate just about anywhere with map apps. iPhone maps, google maps, whichever app that you prefer the most, we rely on our smartphone apps in our x marks the spots and we cannot live without this app!


Maybe the biggest impact apps have is with social media. Back in the days when MySpace was the ruler of all, people had to wait and get home before they could gossip, talk about a restaurant, or mingle. And posting pics there, while not technically difficult, wasn’t without hassle. Now, social media is with us wherever we go. The vast majority of people logging into and using these services do so via smartphone or tablet. Facebook is becoming the primary news source for millennials.


Facebook and even Twitter can be a little overwhelming at times. Lots of voices chirping through those pages. Instagram is a much quieter place where you can upload the pictures you cherish the most and revamp them with whimsical, bold filters. Though all social media is a great tool for connecting with friends and family, Instagram offers what many relatives want to see the most- meaningful pictures. This social butterfly app is also an excellent tool for marketing and promotion since many people gravitate towards aesthetically pleasing images. But most importantly, we love and can’t live without this app because it offers filters that just make us look awesome. And we all want to look awesome.


Netflix has redefined movies, shows, and documentaries. Never has one person been exposed to so many documentaries and this is an app. And let’s not forget to mention you can binge watch Orange is the New Black right on your smartphone, tv, or tablet. Netflix is our best friend, going with us everywhere we go that has wifi and there when we need our entertainment fix. This is one app everyone should have.

The only other apps we need to complete our lives is an app that can build a home and find us food. Wait, there are apps for that. The world of applications has completely runneth over our cups. So there we have it. We have apps that provide us with direction, weather, connection with the important people in our lives and entertainment.