Freshen Up Your Home

How to Freshen Up Your Home Interior

Have you ever wondered how professional home stagers manage to hide a house’s flaws so perfectly and simply bring out the best in a home? It’s enough to make you fall in love with your own home again if you’re selling it! If you’ve ever wondered how to get your house to that impeccable state, worry no more. With a little guidance in the right direction, you’ll have your house looking flawless in no time!

Image Source: Pexels

First Impressions Start at The Door

You know how first impressions work. Well your guests don’t even have to step into the house to get one. It all begins at your doorway. Invest in painting your door a more inviting, warm colour. For example, red is considered to be a lucky and vibrant shade to decorate the door of a household. But if this too bold for your taste, there’s always colours such as orange or yellow that give off a friendly and welcoming air.

Neutral Colours

Neutral, lighter colourshelp your room feel airierrather than dark and unwelcoming. Especially if you live in a house with compact rooms adjoining each other, lighter colours will really make the household pop. Also keep in mind that neutral coloursmake it easier for you to accessorize and accentuate your house with small, bolder pieces.

Window Treatment

Go for blinds or light, fluffy curtains that will let a fair deal of sunlight in, allowing a good flow to move in the household. This will maintain that fresh interior no matter what room you’ll be in.

Grouped Furniture

All households have their furniture in groups. Having your larger sofa facing two smaller ones with a coffee table in the middle is one of the most common layouts that are adopted. Another common mistake you’ll want to avoid is to squash your furniture up against the wall. While many thinks that this gives your room more space, keeping it centrally located, in fact makes your room look larger.


The secret is to place these mirrors perpendicular to windows- that way you have light flowing across your entire room. It’s definitely a simple way of giving your home that fresh look.


Scaling and placing your artwork appropriately is important for maintaining your household’s cohesiveness. Say a work of art is too high up, it will simply look ridiculous. Keep it at eye level if at all. If you’re getting a large piece, don’t clutter it up by placing it with smaller ones. And when you’re using smaller pictures, remember not to space them too far or too close to each other. The accepted distance is usually 2 to 4 inches of space.

Layered Lighting

Every household is set to have three types of lighting. One, ambient lighting which will stem from all your ceiling fixtures. Two, task lighting used for more specific purposes. These can be found regularly in reading alcoves and over kitchen islands. Thirdly, is your accent lighting, which is subtle yet decorative and highlighting.

Follows these tips and you’ll have a fresh household in no time!