Smart Home Speaker

Awesome Things to Do with your Smart Home Speaker

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you have probably seen Macaulay Culkin’s Christmas ad last year. It has given everyone the warm case of nostalgia as he reenacted famous scenes from the movie Home Alone that catapulted him to stardom. The only difference though? He had help planning and protecting the whole house from the bandits who wanted to ransack his home.

Smart Home Speaker

As a promotion to the many benefits of owning a smart home speaker, the commercial showcased how these smart speakers could make our daily lives easier, not to mention interesting and entertaining. Similar to how “Kevin McAllister” utilized it, he managed to enjoy his dinner of macaroni and cheese while “Operation Kevin” is underway.

The list below enumerates all the other awesome things you could do with your smart home speaker.

Experience Being A Trivia Show Contestant

With your smart home speaker, you could experience being a trivia show contestant without leaving the comforts of your own home and without the pressure of playing in front of an audience and a camera. Kid-friendly games are also available, and the family will surely be entertained for hours.

Learn New Things

The Google home smart speaker is built to answer up to 100 million questions, no matter how tough they are. With over 100 languages stored, even translation of a word to another language is a piece of cake. The smart speaker is also up to date with current events. Just ask about the weather or the standing of your favorite sports team.

Send A Message To Multiple Recipients

One of those who would really benefit from having a smart speaker are busy mothers who are juggling a career and raising a family. Smart speakers are capable of broadcasting a message. When dinner is ready or it’s time to wake up, a voice or text message from mom could be sent to the kids or even to dad if necessary.

Locate Your Missing Phone

Many would gain from having this feature since misplacing one’s mobile phone is a daily occurrence. At least having a smart speaker, you could ask it to let your phone ring to know where it is even if you are already at the door. Works best for those who live alone and could not ask a roommate or a family member to call their phone for them.

Discover A Restaurant Or A Service Provider Near You

Need some clothes altered or a shoe repaired? Key duplication or craving for your favorite dim sum?  Let your smart speaker locate and call local restaurants and businesses that cater to what you need at the moment.

Send Information To Your Phone

Heading out? Ask your smart speaker to send traffic reports and directions to your destination to your smartphone. This would give you the liberty to multi-task while preparing for your day and once you step out of your door, everything you might need to have a productive day is already on your phone.

These are just some of the remarkable features of your smart speaker. Once you purchase one, make sure to maximize its use by reading the manual, watching tutorials and tinkering with your gadget.