Welcome To Imagine Sales Consulting Blog – Providing Knowledge for Fast-Growth Companies

Growth is the business imperative of the 21st century. Cover stories on magazines as diverse as The Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Fortune, and Inc. exclaim: “Grow or Die!” Books by business gurus, proclaiming to help business owners and executives solve the elusive growth-riddle, dominate the sales/marketing and management sections of bookstores today. Despite the prevalence of material on the subject of growth, owners and executives are still struggling with the fundamental growth question: how do I grow profitably?

At Imagine, we know this. As an entrepreneur who has launched four successful businesses (three of which work with entrepreneurs and their organizations, helping them solve the problems introduce by growth and the problems of accelerating growth), I have experienced the challenges of growth from all sides of the equation (business owner, employee, customer and consultant). We have developed a process, INTELLIGENT GROWTH, that not only enables companies to grow, but enables them to “exponential” their profits while growing. Successful growth today requires new thought, new approaches, and a new support network.

Traditional models for growth are no longer effective. This blog is another way that our company, Imagine Sales Consulting, and I are reaching out to help organizations that are looking to make profitable growth a reality.