Why You Should Get a Motorcycle Instead of a Car

Most people instantly think of cars or other four-wheeled vehicles when considering modes of transportation. However, if you are all about exploring your options, you may be thinking of about getting a motorbike as well. Motorcycles have gotten a bad rep over the years but now, with improved safety and better regulations, they are quickly becoming popular again. That may not be enough to convince you of this decision, however. If you still remain on the fence on whether you should get a motorcycle, here are some factors to help you come to a decision:


image credit: pexels

It’s a Much More Affordable Option

There has been some growing concern over the fact that cars tend to cost more in Australia than in other parts of the world. This means that purchasing a car can get quite pricey for you. Even if this discrepancy in price did not exist, it is still a lot cheaper for you to get a two wheeler. In fact, you could probably find a super bike for the same price as a car of a mid-range brand. This car price tag rises even higher when you consider all of the additions that you may need as well, including modernized technology. With a cycle, all you need are motorbike helmets and you are ready to hit the road. Even paying insurance on your two wheeler will probably cost you a whole lot less.

Use Less Fuel

With a car, you are probably going to need to top up on fuel quite quickly, depending on how much you travel every day. With a cycle, however, you are going to be able to make that tank of fuel last for a lot longer. Of course, if you opt for a guzzler such as a Harley Davidson, you may use up a little bit more. However, depending on the engine that you choose, you could be stopping by that pumping station a lot less. These means that you will be able to travel a lot more and spend even less money. This is definitely a bargain, particularly in the long run.

It’s Fun

To be honest, there is only one argument that you really need to listen to in the end and it is this. You will never have quite as much fun as when you are on your motorcycle. It’s just you and the machine, out on the road. You do not have to be cooped up inside a small interior, being surrounded by metal on all sides. Instead, you can be out in the fresh air, feeling the wind rushing through your clothes. If you like speed then you are definitely going to have one of the best times on a bike. Not only will you be able to get up to exhilarating speeds, you will also be able to feel every bit of power that the motorcycle has to offer.

There are many more reasons why you should definitely opt for two wheels instead of four. This is not even considering all of the admiring glances that will come your way. Whether you are hoping to save some money or just enjoy your daily commute, the answer really is simple. You cannot beat a motorcycle as a transportation choice.