Brazilian Butt Lift

Everything You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that’s become the procedure of choice for many famous celebrities. A Brazilian butt lift can dramatically alter the shape of your buttocks, and the best thing about it is that it can all be done without introducing anything foreign into your body. This article will look at how a Brazilian butt lift works and detail what you can expect from this treatment in regards to what’s involved, how long the results will last and what the recovery time will be.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Procedure

The actual Brazilian butt lift procedure is fairly straightforward and involves two separate parts – the harvesting of the fat and the depositing of the fat.

Fat Harvesting

Given that a Brazilian butt lift involves taking fat from one place in the body and moving it to another, the first step is to harvest the fat. Harvesting fat is done using liposuction, and the best part about this is that in addition to supplying you with fat to be deposited in the desired area, it will also remove fat from an unwanted area.

The area the fat is taken from can vary, but it needs to have plenty of fat available. Common areas include the abdomen and hips. The actual liposuction procedure only requires a local anesthetic, which is desirable as a general anesthetic should be avoided wherever possible. Once the fat has been harvested via liposuction, it will then need to be purified and prepared for injecting back into the patient’s body. After the liposuction, the patient will need to recover before the second phase of the treatment can begin.

Fat Depositing (Redistribution)

The second phase of the Brazilian butt lift procedure is the fat depositing and redistribution phase. As the name suggests, it involves injecting the harvested and purified fat into an area of the body that the patient wants to have enhanced – in this case, the buttocks. Both phases of the procedure aren’t overly invasive and don’t require the use of a general anesthetic.

Improvements to Two Areas

Although the main focus of a Brazilian butt lift procedure is the adding of volume, shape, and fullness to the buttocks, the great thing about the procedure is that it actually benefits two areas of the body at the same time – the part the fat was taken from and the part where the fat is deposited into. So while you may have the procedure done to enhance your rear end, you’ll also be able to lose fat from another area of the body – usually one that’s hard to shed fat from using diet and exercise.

Quick Recovery and Long Lasting Results

The Brazilian butt lift doesn’t require the same amount of recovery time that many other types of procedures do, and on top of this, patients can expect the results to last for a long time. The full results can be seen in around six months and provided the patient doesn’t lose a lot of weight, they should last for a number of years.