Advantages & Disadvantages of Technology

In today’s world, we cannot live without technology like a computer, mobile phone, TV and others. These technologies have become part of our daily life and live without them would be for some of us unimaginable. Like every other thing technology has also advantages and disadvantages too. Advantages & disadvantages of technology are as follows in a birds eye view.

advantage-and-disadvantage-of-technology-12-638 slidesharecdn.comAdvantages of the technology

The very useful technology when the more closely observed, one can discover new things. These innovations can help us in everyday life. For example, when radio wave was discovered, it has subsequently begun to broadcast. The same principle for television is also applied. Electricity is the most valuable discovery, without which existence of the modern world is impossible. If no one had discovered that could generate electricity, we probably would not be made at this stage of evolution today. Technologies improve our lives and allow us to evolve. It allowed the scientists of our time to send astronauts to the moon.

In the modern industrial world, machines do most of the agricultural and industrial labor. Workers produce more goods than a century ago and work less. Many people in industrialized countries have a higher standard of living. They live longer and are healthier because they have, among others, better nutrition and an easier lifestyle. They have more time to exercise and work more safely.

Technology has many advantages. It simplifies everyday life. Take the example of a washing machine. Even nowadays to imagine how we took it to wash his clothes before his invention. But it was hard work! Almost all popular technologies ranging from the car phone has the ultimate aim to reduce the effort of humans.

A second advantage is the communication and mobility. Modern communication systems have drastically reduced the time of communication between two people. Today, communication between different countries is almost instantaneous. This greatly helps the development of a true global village.Travel time is also significantly reduced. Today, we can taste the fresh fruits and vegetables that yesterday were in their orchards on the other side of the world.

World tourism has grown accordingly. The technology has also increased the productivity of almost all industries around the world. The more we produce, using fewer resources and a greater number of people.

Imagining today’s world without technology is almost impossible. If you look at the current pandemic situation, people are able to carry on with their work sitting at home without having to risk their lives. Technology has allowed people to work from all over the planet with a suitable device and an internet connection. If we didn’t have such technology today, people would have been forced to go out to work which may have caused a lot more cases and deaths all over the globe.

More and more innovations are being made every day which gives us a lot of hope and brighter prospects for the future.

Who could have imagined that humans are planning to create settlements on other planets even a few decades back? But now, people are planning to do it and have the technology to make this possible as well.

The advantages of technology are endless and humans can only get enough of it and look to do more in the future with more and more things coming up and being developed.

Disadvantages and Risks of Technologydisadvantages of technology

But nothing comes for free. The technology has drawbacks that we cannot ignore. In recent decades, some observers noticed that many technology products also had harmful or destructive aspects. In the 1970s and 1980s, many of these products increased and they became virulent. There exhaust fumes from cars that pollute the atmosphere and factory smoke. Many technologies pollute the environment in one way or another. The car produced its share of CO2; the computer is difficult to recycle, and industry pollutes nature. In addition, we have become very dependent on technology to a point where we cannot do without. For example, it is said that the Japanese cannot live without power for three minutes; exceeded the threshold of all standard explodes protest calls!

The resources of the land too intensively used. Pesticides threaten the food chain and mineral wastes from many industrial sources pollute groundwater. There also radioactivity. Nuclear was discovered and it is used in medicine for example, but there are also nuclear bombs. And especially the great disadvantage is the influence of technology on children.

More work done by machines, this means less work for men. The human becomes increasingly obsolete. Human don’t need to think or calculate like before. In the early 1960, calculator was invented and that was one of the biggest inventions in the last century. After that peoples don’t want to calculate things on brain and the brain is becoming obtuse.

Like everything else, technology also has its disadvantages and needs to be used in a controlled way to get the best out of it without damaging our planet too much. Improper use of technology can cause a lot of damage to flora and fauna and the Earth in general. So, it is very important to use the resources wisely to make sure the longevity and safety of the planet.


Evolution of technology is a bless to human. New things are invented day by day that helps people in different way. All of us are now dependent on technology to solve our daily problems. But all good things have a few cons. So we should maintain a limit that’s why we are not distracted from the real world by technology.