Inspiring Ideas for your DIY Wedding at Home

The prices of weddings seem to get heftier every year. The average wedding is reckoned to cost in the region nearly two-thirds of the average annual wage. Thus, it is hardly surprising that more and more couples are attempting to negate the threat of beginning their new lives together with a debt millstone around their necks and opting for a DIY wedding at home.


But while a DIY wedding may be ideal for a lot of couples, it can also be something of a logistical nightmare to organize. With no input from wedding planners or the people that own the venue where you’re holding your wedding, everything is left to you. This can be quite a stressful proposition, so here are a few tips to get you on your way with creating the ideal DIY wedding at home for your needs.


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The first thing to consider, and a big advantage of a DIY wedding, is that you can give some thought to the length of proceedings. Expensive weddings held at lavish locations necessitate a certain timetable, but a DIY wedding opens up the possibility of instigating a much more flexible approach. This can be extremely useful if family and friends are scattered all over the place.


Probably the most obvious advantage in terms of DIY wedding expense is providing self-catering. This probably won’t be within everyone’s capabilities, but if you’re remotely competent in the kitchen then you should have the time and ability to whip up something that will appeal to your guests but won’t cost the earth. And, to be honest, you can often produce something much more varied and of higher quality than the average wedding fare. If this doesn’t appeal, hiring caterers outside of a traditional wedding environment is certainly more affordable.


rustic-wedding-craft-diy-rope-vase-1Another way that you can really save money on your DIY wedding is to cut costs on buying alcoholic drinks. Naturally the average wedding involves quite a lot of champagne and often a lot of other wines as well, so shaving some of the expense involved in purchasing these can actually pay significant dividends.


This can be achieved very effectively by buying wine online. Online wine clubs enable you to buy in bulk at a preferential price while offering a vast range of wines and champagnes. Considering the amount of booze that gets guzzled at a wedding, buying online can save you a great deal of money.


Finally, a DIY wedding provides a lot of potential for you to make the occasion as fun as possible for guests. No longer shackled by the limitations of the venue that you’re renting, you can really let your imagination run riot. DIY weddings that I have attended have included fun activities that all of the family can enjoy together such as pub quizzes, games, and even movie screenings.


Going DIY for your wedding can save you a lot of money, but it shouldn’t mean that the day is any less enjoyable.