How to Prepare for The Wedding – The Most Awaited Day

The ambiance of the place, music, flowers, and even places where your premiums that both hate to sit. But you’re forgetting the most important thing. You remember that day you will be the star, and you look (and feel) regia to all those who love you, especially before Him. It is important to take into account the following  beauty it would do you no wrong:

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1- If you are the type that tinturan hair, remember not experience days surrounding your wedding, then you will not know how it will look your hair before a radical makeover. You run the risk that your boyfriend does not recognize you.

2- Most likely you recommend a facial for your skin look radiant that day, but if you are the type who never made it out at least 20 days in advance to see how your skin reacts. If not reddens easily you can do it again a few days before the wedding, otherwise you’ll have enough for your skin back to normal cold compresses chamomile applying yourself time.

3- You feel tempted by the Brazilian bikini (the style of plucking the area female genital), then try it at least two weeks in advance. That area is very delicate and can become irritated, besides the pubic hair take to grow for 4-6 weeks.

4- Proof various hairstyles for the big day, and chooses to be more in line with your dress and personality.

5- Trafficking with different kinds of makeup. The best practice is natural and neutral shades like pink and peach pie with a slight accent in his eyes.

6-yourself manicure and pedicure 1 day before. The French style is best for that day.

7- When you’re at the party always remember retouch your makeup with a compact powder. Photos are for life and do not want your grandchildren to look bright.

8- A relaxing body massage is ideal to be completely calm at your wedding, your muscles to rest and reflect it in your movements and posture. You can do it one day before. I hope you’ve taken note of these tips as I am sure you will very much. Good luck on your big day and a big hug.