Benefits of Joining a Premium Wine Club

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Picking the perfect wine can be hard to do sometimes. Whether you’re buying from a local supermarket or from a wine merchant, with so many available options shopping for wine can not only be a stressful experience, but also time-consuming. But the good news is that for those of you who are too busy to get to the store, there is a simple answer to all your problems – join a premium wine club online. Whether you’re wanting to find about wine culture or know a little more about wine varieties, premium wine clubs are starting to become very popular and offer many benefits for wine enthusiasts that will have them wondering what they ever did without one before.


The convenience of having your wine delivered to your front doorstep is not only appealing, but also allows you to buy your wine without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. Clubs will also offer free or discounted delivery within a few working days.


You are not only guaranteed to receive a regular supply of wines, but you can be sure that these are quality wines that are picked out by experts. The benefits for members are never ending as they will always reap the benefits of pre-releases and limited blends produced in small quantities that are not available to the general public. On top of this, members will be invited to special events, tastings, and competitions. Some clubs even reward longstanding members with a free bottle or two. As you can tell, wine clubs are big on rewarding loyalty!

Members will be kept up to date with all the information they need on the latest wines and wineries through the clubs monthly newsletters as well as offering recommendations on what wines are best suited to what dishes. Imagine having all this information available to you all at the same time? All you have to do is find the wine that best suits you and click buy. It really couldn’t be any easier.


When you become a member, clubs will give you a ‘welcome present’ in the form of a discount to be used when you buy your first bottle or case of wine. How good is that!? They are literally giving you a reason to start taking advantages of their quality products and affordable prices. Speaking of which, you will find that there is a price to suit every customer and every budget.

If you want to buy in bulk, that’s no problem. In fact you will find that clubs will offer discounts on bulk orders. If you are planning a party why not stock up on a few cases of wine and save money at the same time!


Not satisfied with the wines you received? Not to worry! Clubs will refund or exchange wines if you aren’t happy with the quality because they’re won’t be happy until you are. Not satisfied with the winery you chose? That’s ok. Most memberships won’t lock you in to a contract which means you can cancel any time without having to pay those cancellations fees that we all dread.

All online clubs are different from each other, so it is important to find the most suitable one for you. Whether you want a new shipment of wines weekly, monthly, by the dozen, or even just a single bottle, there will be a premium wine club out there that suits your every need.