The Setup Process Of An Embedded Network

Embedded Networks have proved themselves highly effective. In the last ten years, Australia has witnessed growth of private embedded (electricity) networks. This has given the property owners a chance to sell electricity to their tenants, creating a source of income. As the propriator benefits from the additional income sourse, the tenants benefis through cheaper energy bills.

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The buying of electricity in bulk and selling it to the tenants in small rates has become popular in shopping centres industrial / commercial parks, broad-acre and high-rise residential developments. The system has proved to be a effective one.

With this form of supplying electricity, the total amount of power consumed is aggregated to a single point of measurement. Each tenant has a submeter that measures individual energy consumption.

Establishing an Embedded Networks

I want to sell electricy to my tenants, what should i know about embedded network setup? If you want to join the class of property owners who sell electricity to their there are things you need to know anout the intallation and setup. This included the steps involved in establishing an embedded network.

Setting up the embedded networks intrustucture involves a four steps. The company that you choose to establish the system on your property present the costs and fees required for each step. You decide on the dates for imprementing the step and whether you need to continue to the next step. The cost and fees are presented in a transparent manner where you get a break down of the whole process. The gap between each stage allows you to evaluate the outcomes  and decide whether and when to proceed to the next step.

The steps are:

Quantifying the opportunity

The initial stage involves carrying out a complete and preliminary assessment o the opportunity. The service providing company carries out the desctop assessment. After this the company present the case of the business  and the entire costd that will be involved.

Completion of formal assessment

The assessiment involves the site where the system is being established. A metering technician inspect the site. After confirming the metering requirments of the site, the company aquires on your bahalve a written aggrement to purchase the bulk line. The company carries out a complete economic assessment that provides vital information that helps you decide whether to proceed with the process.

In addition the company evaluates the portfolio of properties verses the correct solution as per services for single sites. After that the company provides you with an appropraite contract according to the property portfolio considering whether it is a single or many sites. The contract is used for legal review and execution.

Validation of economic opportunity

The company looks for a gate meter that is market compliant that measure electricity for the entire property. The process provides you with relevant economic information that will allow you to make the decision the continue with the process.

Set up the network

The final step involves implementation of the regulatory process, finalizing the system agreement and make sure that the process and the system are compliant. The company installs the embedded networks and continue to work with you on on-going administration, monthly billing, network and compliance connection issues.