5 Key Elements of Modern Society

We’re living in a modern society and we’re taking things for granted. Something happened with minds and feelings of people. Everything started with placing our personal interests in front of other people’s well-being. We’re aware of our own values, but we still have major issues with the sense of self-esteem. Our world is filled with technology, so it seems like we’ve always been guided by smart phones and computers. Capitalism is the leading form of a social arrangement. People with a contemporary mindset take great pride in living in high-rise buildings which are already equipped with embedded networks with managed utility services that include communication data, electricity, water and gas,  by major utility companies with all the commodities of an urban lifestyle.

Who could have imagined that we would be a part of this global modern lifestyle 30 years ago? Everything happened out of the blue, so it’s logical to conclude that we’re still amazed by the sudden development of events. The economic crisis, problems with money, and self-esteem issues became our reality. Everything revolves around money, so we could say that there’s no greater value in the eyes of our society.

On the other hand, modern trends brought many good things for humanity. Life is easier with the help of all those useful gadgets. We’re all connected with the help of Internet and numerous websites created for socialization and the exchange of goods.

It’s hard to make a final conclusion about the quality of the given lifestyle. We need to see all the information in order to make a decision about virtues and flaws of a certain period. Having this in mind, we’ve constructed a list of 5 key elements of modern society.

Independence to make individual decisions

A man of 21st century is able to make his own decisions. Every single lifestyle is accepted if it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s interests. LGBT rights have finally been acknowledged, while we’re trying to respect all racial and national differences.

Sense of personal value / self-esteem issues

We have the power to change numerous things in the modern world, but we’re still obsessed with limitations inside our minds. People are either extremely confident or stuck in the despair of a low self-esteem. This misbalance between the opposite sides of behavior is one of the key trademarks of modern times.


Did we ever use actual paper maps to find a certain street? It seems like we’ve always been loyal to Google maps and other useful services. Internet is our source of information and overall knowledge. Technology made our lives easier, but it also brought alienation and issues with communication.

Capitalism and money

Capitalism is a social system which brought money and success to the very throne of life values. You can be beautiful and talented, but that’s not enough – you need to be rich and ambitious.

Living in the high-rise buildings

High-rise buildings are a symbol of urban society. People appreciate the advantages of a contemporary living and a modern home decoration. We’re taking all the life’s commodities for granted. Buildings have already been equipped by major utility companies with every item which is considered as essential for a regular daily life.

Sally is a senior writer, editor and guest commentator, for Shout Agency, an award winning content marketing agency, specialising in SEO Sydney services.