3 Top Benefits of Instant Electric Hot Water Systems

Instant electric hot water systems are a popular way to use water in the home, and the technology only continues to evolve. With the days of waiting around for your water to heat up or running out of hot water in the shower no more, an increasing number of people are gravitating towards electric hot water systems and other similar technologies.

If you’re about to make the decision to upgrade your home to electric hot water, here’s why you’re making the right choice in opting for instant hot water.


1. Instant and Continuous Hot Water

The most obvious advantage of electric hot water, and probably the main reason why so many people are jumping on the idea, is the continuous and instant flow of hot water. The electricity works to heat the water on-demand, rather than having it waiting around like a traditional hot water tank. These tankless heaters mean that you never have to worry about running out of hot water. You’ll always have it whenever you need it, helping to eliminate the water that would be typically wasted as you stand around waiting for the water to heat up. Unlike traditional tank systems, multiple residents in one building can shower or use the water at one time without the water turning cold mid-use. This is particularly helpful for a number of household activities, like washing dishes and running baths.

2. Energy Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Electric hot water systems are an effective way to eliminate the traditional and costly operation of having your tank continuously running and preparing hot water for later use. The “on-demand” nature of electric hot water technologies helps to dramatically lower energy bills and successfully decrease the amount of greenhouse gases emitted from your home. Paired with the limited water wastage, this makes electric hot water systems the go-to choice for the environmentally and budget conscious. While tankless water systems like electric hot water technologies are more expensive than traditional tanks to install, they’re far less costly to run, making them a better investment for the long-term buyer.

3. Little Maintenance and a Safer Option

With a lifespan of 20 years and a small cylinder that can be simply and conveniently placed on the outside of your home, you won’t find yourself faced with the same costs as a traditional tank. Tankless water systems are especially useful if you’re concerned about money and time.

Tanks that hold hot water all day are also at risk of damage and can cause dangerous bacteria growth, but electric hot water options will ensure that the water you’re using is completely safe. The water also doesn’t have to be stored before using it, which means it won’t cause damage to the cylinder or impact its operation.

It’s very easy for professional water system providers to install a tankless system, and the cylinder won’t waste space in your home like a traditional tank will. Continuous flow hot water systems also generally require far less maintenance and upgrades than traditional tank options.