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7 Tips for Painting Your Home like a Pro

Ask any professional house painters in Toorak and they’ll tell you that it’s vital to use painters tape, drop cloths and paint carefully. What they don’t tell is the tricks of the trade, such as how to maintain the quality of your paint and how to make paint tape easier to use. You can achieve satisfying results by learning additional painting skills from professional residential painters in Toorak. To ensure that you don’t have any blemishes, you should use the right tools and store paint properly. The following painting tips and tricks will help you save money and time while improving the quality of your painting job.

Remove Switch Plates

Take the switch plates off instead of taping or cutting around them. This will provide a perfect working area with no mess. Don’t skip this five-minute step.

Box Paint for Consistency

Boxing is simply mixing all the paint in a large container instead of using one gallon at a time. This keeps the colour consistent from start to end. A paint store can help you estimate the required amount of paint needed so you can purchase it all at once.

Avoid Washing Your Brush or Roller

You don’t have to clean your roller or brush if you’re painting with latex. Keep the roller or brush in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic bags or tin foil. The cold temperature will keep the latex paint from drying. Remember to warm the brush before using.

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Cover Anything You Don’t Want to Be Painted

Before you begin a painting project, cover the furniture and floors with plastic sheets taped at the bottom. This will protect your furniture from splatters, paint drips and dirt from sanding. An easy way to protect doorknobs is by using sandwich plastic bags secured with tape.

Buy High-Quality Supplies

Invest in high-quality paint and brushes. Apart from saving time and paint on re-application, you will have excellent coverage with good brushes. Also, you should choose the most expensive paint that’s designed to last a long time.

Use Tinted Primer

It’s vital for residential painters in Toorak to prime the walls before painting. Fill any cracks and holes with joint compound before you start painting. Afterwards, use a primer to prevent the compound from sucking moisture out of the paint. Tinted primer is preferred because it does a better job of covering the current colour than a white primer. This gives a vibrant look to the finish coat and also requires fewer coats.

Sand Away Any Flaws

Sanding levels out joint-compound patches and rough edges around nail holes. To get a perfectly painted wall or woodwork, house painters in Toorak have to start with a flawless surface. For example, you should lightly sand or scrape any peeling, cracked or flaking areas before applying primer and paint. Scraping will also remove burrs and rough spots in your trim. For greasy spots, you will have to wash with soap and rinse with clean water, or wipe the walls with a damp cloth. This will provide a dust-free and clean surface.