All You Need To Know Before Visiting Pakistan

Pakistan is a prominent South Asian country and it is known to rank fifth based on its dense population. It is also marked as a prime tourist destination on the map of the world tourism industry.

Why visit Pakistan

The scenic beauty of Pakistan comprising mountain peaks, beaches, rivers, lush greenery, and desert areas attract many nature-lovers. The presence of multiple ethnic cultures also plays a vital role in enhancing the interests of many tourists. They enjoy different kinds of local cuisines; cultural programs of dance and music, and the shopping experience in the local markets of Pakistan.

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How to get a visa for visiting Pakistan

There are two types of Pakistani visas, namely Visitor Visa and Business Visa. Each visa application needs 30 – 35 days for processing and the approved visa remains valid for 30 days. The visa application form is available online, which should be duly filled up and submitted online with all the essential documents after paying the visa fee.

Best time to visit Pakistan

The summer months between May and October comprise the peak season to visit Pakistan. Tourists can enjoy the mountain peaks without snow at this time and they also love the beauty of valleys. However, the wintertime between November and April is ideal for visiting the desert areas of Baluchistan, Punjab, and Sindh.  

What to Pack for Traveling in Pakistan

Tourists should pack suitable clothes according to the climate of the season when they are visiting Pakistan. They need comfortable cotton clothes when they visit in summer. Heavier clothes are needed to wear in winter while an umbrella or raincoat is needed to visit during the monsoon. They should also pack all the necessary toiletries, personal electronic gadgets, and their required documents.

How to visit Pakistan

Several rail routes are connecting India to the Pakistani cities of Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Rawalpindi, and Peshawar. However, Pakistan International Airlines provides the easiest and affordable way of visiting Pakistan, as it is the national carrier of this country. PIA Air has hubs in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore while its flights connect to 56 destinations across the world.

Wi-Fi rental and local SIM in Pakistan

Tourists can enjoy unlimited internet to remain connected to their homelands, by renting pocket-sized international Wi-Fi, which is secure and convenient for them. They may also buy some local SIM cards during their brief stay in Pakistan so that they can call others without paying extra roaming charges. 

Transportation for traveling around Pakistan

Tourists can hire taxis at affordable prices to move around in different cities of Pakistan. Some luxury hotels also arrange rental cars with chauffeurs for sightseeing. Some people also prefer railways to travel from one city to another.

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Culture in Pakistan

The cultural diversity in Pakistan seems interesting to foreign tourists, due to the presence of several ethnic communities living here. They enjoy Pakistani folk songs in traditional styles, like Qawwali and Ghazal. Several local dance forms are also popular, like Jhumar, Altan, Khattak, Dhammal. Pakistani vehicle art, Mughal paintings, and stage shows in theatres can be enjoyed here.

Health & safety in Pakistan

Tourists should check the information on local media to know the current Covid situation in Pakistan. They need to take updated vaccines for preventing polio, hepatitis, and Japanese encephalitis. Latest medical facilities are available in all hospitals and clinics, for rendering immediate treatment to tourists. Since some areas of Pakistan are known for violent crimes, tourists need to avoid visiting those places by following the advices of local officials.

Food in Pakistan

Different types of spicy and rich flavored cuisines are very popular in Pakistan. Shami kebab, Murgh Cholay, Nihari, chapli kebab, mutton karahi, bong paye, and Kabuli palaw are some of the popular dishes that tourists cannot miss tasting while touring this country.

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Language in Pakistan

The national language of Pakistan is Urdu. However, many local people also speak Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, and Balochi. Many other regional languages are also used by different local communities.

Tourist places to visit in Pakistan

There are plenty of tourist attractions in Pakistan, among which Hunza Valley, Kalasha Valleys, Kandol Lake, Attabad Lake, Hingol National Park, Deosai Plains National Park, and Fairy Meadows are well-known for their scenic beauty. Mohenjo daro, Taxila, Shalimar Fort and Gardens, Rohtas Fort, and Makli Necropolis are some UNESCO World Heritage sites. Tourists can also visit numerous famous historic mosques, tombs, and forts in Pakistan.

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Accommodation in Pakistan

Thousands of good hotels are available in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Tourists can book accommodations in these hotels, by searching online while planning their trips.

Tourists can prepare easily for their tours in Pakistan if they know all the necessary information about this country beforehand.