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Reasons That Can Make Your Infant Cry

Do you have a child that is always crying? A baby that is constantly upset and crying can really push parents to the limits because they do not know why their child is crying all the time and what they can do to stop it not to mention the additional pressure that will build up on you when you think about factors like not disturbing your neighbours in the middle of the night and the likes. However, it is also possible that your child is crying constantly because of little things that you have missed or simple mistakes that you may have made completely unintentionally. Here are some of these mistakes that can make your infant cry.

They Are either Too Warm or Too Cold

Infants will not be able to speak to you and tell you what the matter is so the only way they know of getting your attention is to cry. Most of the time when they do cry it is because they are either feeling too warm to too cold. If the baby is feeling too warm and you have dressed them in something that is not really suitable for the summer heat waves, give them a change of clothing that will help their skin breathe and not sweat making them uncomfortable. On the other hand if they are too cold get them some huggies so that they can be all swaddled up and comfy without feeling the cold. You will notice that when your child is comfortable they automatically reduce the frequency with which they cry.

They Are Hungry or Sleepy

Another very common reason for children to react to with crying is hunger and another is being sleepy. Keep track of the last time that you have fed them and make sure that you keep topping them up so that they do not get hungry and start crying. When it comes to being sleepy it is surprising how kids can really put up a fight and not sleep even while they are sleepy. If your infant is feeling sleepy instead of just drifting off (which can happen once in a while too) they will cry. They want you to pick them up, cuddle them and just put them to sleep so that they can fall asleep feeling safe and protected in the arms of their parents. This applies to both mother or father your child will want one of you to be there to put them to sleep. If you do not follow up these two factors closely you will have a very upset child always.

Feeling Uncomfortable When Travelling

It is not easy to travel with baby and hold them on your lap every time. That’s why you need to buy an ergobaby 360 carrier. It will help you to carry your baby when working or travelling. As it is made with cotton or cool mesh your baby will feel comfortable when travelling.

Not Distracting a Colicky Child

It is an exceptionally hard job to get a colicky child to settle down especially if they are an infant and they cannot tell you what is going on. If your child is crying for long periods of time the biggest mistake that you could do is panic and get stressed. The child will feel your energy and react by crying even more because now they know that their parents are scared too. Take them to the doctor and if they say it’s a colic situation try to distract your child and after a while they will simply settle down and fall asleep.