Custom Flags

Top 4 Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Outdoor Custom Flags

Investing in custom flags is undoubtedly one of the great decisions a business owner can make. These flags are portable and can be installed and removed single-handedly. Apart from that, most custom flags are made from polyester and the information and message printed on the flag through a direct dye sublimation process. This means that the ink won’t sit on the fabric. 

Additionally, you can use them as many times as you want as custom flags can be stored without any problem. They are likewise lightweight which implies you can convey them to your other special occasions. 

However, despite all these brilliant advantages, they are effective marketing tools only when you use them correctly. Like any other marketing tool, some common mistakes can downgrade the effectiveness of the custom flags. 

In this article, we will talk about the main 4 custom banner errors that you need to stay away from.

Choosing a very simple Design

You may have some particular designs in your mind that you want to apply to your custom flags. But before you finalize the design, remember that custom flags need to be visible from a distance. 

While the plan may appear to be pleasant to you, it may neglect to draw in the consideration of the passers-by. Remember that your custom flags need to be attractive. Moreover, these banners should likewise convey and advise individuals about your business. 

You won’t be able to spread your message if people can’t see them. Hence, you need to make sure the fonts, as well as the colors of your custom flags, are appropriate. 

Grammatical or Spelling Mistakes

The sign of your custom flags is the first thing that people will notice. Not to mention sign will create the first impression. However, if there are any grammatical and spelling mistakes in your custom flags, people will immediately start questioning the professionalism of your company. As per BBC, spelling mistakes will make you look less credible.

Apart from that, spelling mistakes can also encourage wrong publicity. Hence, you need to read the content of your custom flags thoroughly before you finalize the printing. If you somehow feel confused, you need to discuss it with your employees. This way you’ll be able to avoid this mistake.

You Don’t Include Contact Information

It may sound unbelievable, but many people forget to include the contact information of their business in the custom flags. They get so overwhelmed by providing other details that they end up leaving no space for their business’s contact information. 

A custom flag without contact information is completely useless as interested customers won’t be able to contact you back. Moreover, they can’t ask you any inquiries about your organization or the items and administrations you offer. Hence, make sure that you include important contact information such as business website, store address and, phone number. 

Your Flag Is Too Crowded

Some people try to cram their custom flags with lots of information. Not just contact details, but they also include the history of the company, origin, customer testimonials, and even some images of their business. 

All this information is irrelevant in custom flags because it will only make your flag crowded. In short words, you need to print only the essential and relevant information. 

Remember that your audiences won’t be able to interpret too much information. As customers will have a couple of seconds to read the context, they can’t digest all the information. Company history, customer testimonials, and images belong to your business website. 


These are the 4 common custom flag mistakes you should avoid. Don’t forget that custom flags will determine the professionalism of your company. Hence, make sure they don’t contain any mistakes. Use appropriate colors, fonts, and designs to make your flags visually appealing.