Things to Do in Abu Dhabi With Your Family

If you’re planning to visit Abu Dhabi, try to plan your trip either in the months of April to May or in between September and October. You will get to enjoy the trip as the weather and the crowd is much manageable during these months. Make sure to keep your eye out for cheap flights for your travel.

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Abu Dhabi with family?

The average tourist spends AED736 ($200) per head per day in Abu Dhabi including stay, food and travelling. If you’re travelling with family look for Abu Dhabi hotel bookings that have special lower rates for children and young adults and do research about cheap flights in and out of the city.

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Befriend budget airlines

Travelling and stay takes quite a large chunk of one’s vacation budget, thus make sure to conduct prior research on popular budget airlines and their discounts when available.

What to Pack for Kids Traveling in AbuDhabi?

Abu Dhabi faces scorching summers, make sure to keep light cotton clothes that cover most parts of your body in order to avoid getting sunburnt, be sure to carry sunscreen lotion for both yourself and your kids and try to dress moderately. Other than that, follow the generalized restriction of banned items applicable to entire UAE.

Religious Aspect in the Abu Dhabi

The majority of the population of Abu Dhabi follows Islam. There are several mesmerizing mosques that you can visit in the city but ensure you respect the Islamic traditions and customs while travelling there.

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What can kids and adults eat in Abu Dhabi

Emirati cuisine prefers lamb and mutton to be the superior meat, make sure to try the local cuisine flavored by cardamom, saffron, or mint and also indulge yourself in the fine dining experience in Abu Dhabi.

Outdoors kids’ activities in the Abu Dhabi

Your children will not be disappointed with the attractions in the city designed for children and adults alike such as the Emirates Park Zoo, YasWaterworld, Warner Bros World and several other fun places.

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Cultural and educational things to do with kids in Abu Dhabi

Take your kids to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center, Lourve, Qasr Al Watan, and more. Not only it makes for great attraction but one can also learn and observe several historical and cultural aspects of the city.

Most popular attractions in Abu Dhabi for family

Abu Dhabi is the second most popular city in the UAE that offers a wide range of fun activities to do as a family. Start with a tour of all the mosques, then proceed to visiting the beaches and Marianas to spend some quality time with your family. Visit the spice market and unwind yourselves by visiting the number of luxurious malls to treat yourself and your loved ones.

Markets and Shopping in Abu Dhabi

When in Abu Dhabi, make sure to visit all the traditional markets such as the Al Souq, the Friday Market and the Farmers Market for traditional souvenirs and other items apart from satisfying your needs at the globally known luxurious malls of the city.

Budget accommodation in Abu Dhabi for family

Abu Dhabi is a well-connected city with a range of hotels available for tourists, starting from 5star resorts to several budget friendly hotels. Do a bit of research before your Abu Dhabi hotel booking to ensure the price, location and convenience of the hotel as per your needs.

Travelling is fun, and don’t miss a chance when Abu Dhabi calls you. Explore the place and carry memories along for a lifetime with your family.