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Things To Do For Your Boyfriend To Shower Love

Why should boys have all the fun, the scenario may be true for all times except for when guys are with their girlfriends. They do everything from picking them up to dropping them off at their homes, parking the car and getting them food, clicking their pictures and buying them their wants and especially on Valentine’s day when girls are the queens. But this Valentine’s Day, surprise your boyfriend with some he would never have expected in his wildest dreams, you being his guy for the day. Yes, with increasing gender equality, not all relationships are like this but be honest, don’t you like it when your boyfriend does everything for you while you sit back and wait. Give your boyfriend a chance to be pampered too; this valentines day shower him with endless love, send chocolate delivery at midnight and pick them from their homes, buy them presents and do everything you expect them to do. And believe it the gesture will come back 1000 times stronger.

Described gestures and cute gifts for boyfriend you should do this valentines day to take your guy to cloud 9, here goes.

  • Pick them up

If you know to drive, if you are going to use public transport, or if you are taking a cab service, reach his place before he reaches yours. Surprise him with an early morning meet up. Give him time to dress up and adore him as he does that. You may want to take a rose for him, and it would be out of the world if you kneeled down to do it too.

chocolate delivery
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  • Send midnight chocolates

Before you meet them in the morning, you may give them a glimpse of what’s coming for them the next day by sending some delectable chocolates along with an itinerary for the day. You don’t have to disclose every piece of information just that you will be the boss for the day and decide every move.

  • An explosion box

Now, after you meet them in the morning give them their first present, which is an explosion box. It is a big box of memories described in short; it is a box with rotatable boxes that have pictures on all sides and faces. It stays closed unless you open it and as you do, it spills like a flood of memories from the past. Don’t shy away from giving it a try yourself, and if not, you can always get it customised.

  • A lunch date

Now take him for his first meal of the valentine’s day with you, to his or your favourite restaurant. If there is a place that you like to go to quite often together choose the same sp you know you are in a cosy and homely environment. Now order his favourite food and pay the bill too. Serve his plate and pamper him with overwhelming love.

  • Customised cupcakes

While you are at that lunch, order some customised cupcakes as a surprise, ask the waiter beforehand or make an online order of the same. Get ones with photos on top or messages written on each one of them. You may also manage to get ones with short notes or messages stuffed inside the cupcakes, so he finds one as he eats it.

  • Take him shopping

Even if you don’t do it normally and shopping isn’t really your thing, do it this time. Take him out to a nice store, help him buy some trendy stuff that suit his personality. And pay the bill yourself. While he shops for himself, you may want to pick up surprise apparel that you give to him later as you drop him home. He will be super surprised and fall in love with you all over again.